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7th Grade / Re: Divisional Breakdown Week 5
« Last post by AllIn21 on Today at 10:42:00 am »
This right here is what the forums were made for.  Appreciate the effort Cards!
2nd Grade / Re: 10/2 Week Five Match ups
« Last post by Cowetatiger10 on Today at 10:41:36 am »
Division 1
BA Black vs Sapulpa White- BA BLACK
Coweta Orange @ Wagoner- COWETA ORANGE
Jenks Maroon @ TYAA Red- TYAA RED
SS Black @ Sequoyah- SEQUOYAH
Stilly vs Choctaw White (Non-Divisional)- CHOCTAW WHITE

Division 2
Bixby Blue @ BA White- BIXBY BLUE
Coweta White vs SS Gold- COWETA WHITE
Ft. Gibson vs Hilldale-HILLDALE
Skiatook vs Union Red-UNION RED
Verdigris Black vs C-Ville White (Non-Divisional)- VERDIGRIS BLACK

Division 3 (OKC Area)
Choctaw Gold @ Piedmont White- PIEDMONT WHITE
Choctaw Blue vs Norman- CHOCTAW
Edmond @ Yukon- YUKON
Piedmont Blue vs Westmoore- WESTMOORE

Division 4
Bartlesville Blue vs TYAA White- TYAA WHITE
Berryhill @ Catoosa- BERRYHILL
BA Gold @ Owasso Silver- BA GOLD
Claremore Red @ Sapulpa Blue- CLAREMORE RED

Division 5
Bartlesville White @ BA Silver- BARTLESVILLE WHITE
C-ville Red @ Owasso Black- OWASSO BLACK
Muskogee @ Union Black- MUSKOGEE
Verdigris Red vs Yellowjackets- YELLOWJACKETS

Division 6
Bixby Red @ Union Silver- BIXBY RED
Claremore White @ TYAA Blue- TYAA BLUE
Coweta Black @ Lincoln Christian- LC
Glenpool @ Jenks Silver- GLENPOOL
7th Grade / Divisional Breakdown Week 5
« Last post by Cards#1Fan on Today at 10:36:38 am »
7th grade has brought out the crazies!

Jenks and Owasso are the lone unbeatens, and are set to play week 6 in what likely will decide the #1 and #2 seeds. Bixby Blue can shake things up with a win over Maroon this week. BA Silver has only lost to Maroon and can still fall anywhere from 1-out. I know I'm reaching but The Gee has already played OW, JM, and BXB and could make things interesting with a win over U-Black. That would set up another potential elimination game with Silver the following week. U-Blacks loss to Silver is what will leave them out. I think the top 4 is pretty forecastable, just who falls where.

1) Jenks Maroon  4-0  +32
2) Owasso White 3-0  +24
T3) Bixby Blue/BA Silver/U-Black 2-1  +8

Still in contention:
Muskogee  1-3  -17

Bixby White
Sand Springs Gold
BA Chrome

Key games this week:
Bixby Blue @ Jenks Maroon (could be the difference in playing Jenks White at home, or Bixby Red on the road. Time will tell)
Muskogee @ Union Black (elimination game)

Div 2
HUGE game this week between Platinum and U-Silver! Likely a playoff bubble burst for the loser of this one. Jenks Black is the only undefeated left and controls their destiny. Big game with JW looms. Too early to get too in depth with it if JW wins that one. But if JB wins, they'll no doubt finish #1. Bixby Red stamped themselves as the clear #2 for now, and should be ironically rooting for White when they play Black next week. Even though the writing is on the wall for both BA Black and SS Black, will keep them hanging by a thread in the "Still in contention" category for 1 week. Bville, O-Silver, and Sapulpa will hope to play spoiler for some of these teams.

1) Jenks Black 4-0  +30
2) Bixby Red 3-1  +18
3) Jenks White 3-1  +16
4) BA Platinum/U-Silver  3-1  +15

Still in contention:
Sand Springs Black  1-3  -14
BA Black 1-3  -16

Owasso Silver

Key games this week:
BA Platinum @ Union Silver (Big time matchup!)
Bixby Red @ BA Black (Red will call 3 time outs before half up 28-0 and punch 1 more in the EZ to really let BA Black know how good they are)

My early predictions are as follows: (Man I hope this happens! What great "rivalry" games these would be)

BA Platinum @ Owasso White
Jenks White @ Jenks Maroon
Bixby Blue @ Bixby Red
BA Silver @ Jenks Black


Jenks Maroon @ Jenks Black
Bixby Red @ Owasso White
7th Grade / Re: WEEK 4 SCORES
« Last post by Mav3834 on Today at 10:34:59 am »
Murses for everyone!  Taking pre-orders now. You can get them custom embroidered too!
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3rd Grade / Re: Week 5 Top 10
« Last post by Shaffer5 on Today at 10:29:59 am »
1. Bixby Blue - Champs probably have their toughest look of the season so far this weekend against a tough Muskogee team.

2. Tyaa Red - We just got a firsthand account of these guys and I am honestly not sure that they aren't the best team in the grade. Defensively they are so good and their offense is really good as well. Tough, Fast, Physical, and FAST (yes I realize I said fast twice). I have got see all of the upper echelon teams play this year and these guys really seem to be the most complete. Not saying that they can't be beaten, but it is going to take one hell of an effort to do it.

3. Ft Gibson - This is another team that has had a phenomenal start to the season. Really good on both sides of the ball. It is hard for me to see any scenario where they are not one of the last 4 teams standing as long as they stay healthy.

4. Choctaw Blue - These guys are up there with all 3 teams I have ahead of them. I think after the number 4 spot you draw a line at the moment. Physical and well coached they definitely have the ability to go compete with anyone. Not sure that they have the speed of the teams I have ahead of them, but that may not matter as much if they make you play their game.

5. LC - These guys have the ability to play with just about anyone, but they probably won't be challenged a great deal until playoff time.

6. BA Gold - Only losses came against 2 teams I have ranked in the top 4. I watched the Tyaa Blue game and these guys handled their business impressively. You could put them in that 5 spot easily.

7. Muskogee - #4 is absolutely electric running the football. One of my favorite players to watch. He has a good supporting cast as well. They have a big one this weekend that could have them jump more than a few spots if they can pull it out.

8. Tyaa Blue - These guys are still not to be underestimatedby any means. They are still a good football team no doubt and they can get it figured out by the playoffs to be back at the level they are used to playing.

9. Glenpool- Getting their stud QB back should help out a lot. They have a big one coming up this week and impressive win their will get everyone talking again.

10. Sapulpa - There are a few teams that arguably deserve to be here. At this time I will go with Sapulpa. They have a chance to jump up higher with a win this week.

Sand Springs

All in fun a d EPO.

2nd Grade / Re: Week 4 scores
« Last post by Kaide635 on Today at 10:16:14 am »
Also the Piedmont White vs Westmoore game??
2nd Grade / Re: Week 4 scores
« Last post by Kaide635 on Today at 10:10:06 am »
Anyone have scores for:

Ba Black vs Coweta orange?

Sapulpa White vs Norman?

Ba White vs Skiatook?

Choctaw Gold vs Choctaw Blue?
7th Grade / Re: WEEK 4 SCORES
« Last post by SpartySpartSpart on Today at 10:00:50 am »
I do love a good man purse…satchel.

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2nd Grade / Re: 10/2 Week Five Match ups
« Last post by Czebras10 on Today at 09:58:58 am »
Division 1
BA Black vs Sapulpa White- Ba Black
Coweta Orange @ Wagoner- Coweta Orange
Jenks Maroon @ TYAA Red- Tyaa Red by a couple td’s
SS Black @ Sequoyah- SEQUOYAH by however much they want ha
Stilly vs Choctaw White (Non-Divisional)- Not sure about Choctaw. But I’m rolling with them. Choctaw white

Division 2
Bixby Blue @ BA White- Bixby blue
Coweta White vs SS Gold- Coweta white, by a lot
Ft. Gibson vs Hilldale- GOTW (in my opinion based on the matchup) interesting matchup. I like hilldale in this one. They tied a good Tyaa white team
Skiatook vs Union Red- Union Red
Verdigris Black vs C-Ville White (Non-Divisional)- Verdigris Black

Division 3 (OKC Area)
Choctaw Gold @ Piedmont White- Choctaw gold
Choctaw Blue vs Norman- Choctaw blue
Edmond @ Yukon- GO MILLERS
Piedmont Blue vs Westmoore- Westmoore by a crap ton

Division 4
Bartlesville Blue vs TYAA White- If Bartlesville could block for #13 they will be legit. But Tyaa white is too big. Going with the whitedawgs
Berryhill @ Catoosa- Catoosa
BA Gold @ Owasso Silver- Owasso Silver
Claremore Red @ Sapulpa Blue- Can’t pick against my own boys here. Go Zebras

Division 5
Bartlesville White @ BA Silver- Ba Silver
C-ville Red @ Owasso Black- Collinsville red
Muskogee @ Union Black- Muskogee. These boys are back to normal. Not sure they’d have 2 losses if they started the season with this team
Verdigris Red vs Yellowjackets- Yellowjackets

Division 6
Bixby Red @ Union Silver- Bixby Red. Took their first loss in a year and a half. They will come back better than ever. Go Spartans
Claremore White @ TYAA Blue- Touch game for the zebras. Going with Tyaa blue here
Coweta Black @ Lincoln Christian- Them LC boys got a lot better. They win big here
Glenpool @ Jenks Silver- Glenpool

3rd Grade / Re: GOTW Week 5
« Last post by forrest283 on Today at 09:54:28 am »
Good to hear that Melo is back. That's definitely a game changer for you guys. Definitely agree with the peaking of certain teams. There will be some teams that get a 2nd or 3rd seed that definitely would've been a 1 if it wasn't for injuries, they would've been in a different division, or just hitting there stride in the home stretch.
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