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3rd Grade / Re: Week 3 Scoreboard
« Last post by Jesse0521 on Today at 08:59:03 am »
Glenpool 34
SS 0
2nd Grade / Re: POST EM: WEEK 3 SCORES (2020)
« Last post by ZebraLife on Today at 08:57:27 am »
I donít know what happened but congratulations to Bartlesville they showed up to play and my boys did not see again hopefully
3rd Grade / Re: Week 3 Scoreboard
« Last post by B1XBY on Today at 08:53:44 am »
Bixby over BA Gold- 39-6
3rd Grade / Re: Week 3 Scoreboard
« Last post by BHILLCHIEF on Today at 08:52:16 am »
Anybody know the score of SS and Glenpool?
"Ask the Ref" / Re: Kicking
« Last post by bk99 on Today at 07:12:00 am »
Good advice. Thank ya
"Ask the Ref" / Re: Kicking
« Last post by AllIn21 on Today at 06:24:46 am »
Next time that happens, call a timeout and go discuss it with the refs. If you know you are wrong ask to have them call the director on the spot. If you end up being right, I believe you get your timeout back. Iíve seen it happen at least twice.

Also, I definitely have a folder of screenshots of this thread when myself or anyone asks a good question like this. That way I can pull it up and show the refs in real time. Itís helped me on more than one occasion with a ref that wasnít calling it how the rule states
6th Grade / Re: POST EM: WEEK 3 SCORES (2020)
« Last post by AllIn21 on Today at 04:57:39 am »
God dang it roller you dadgum football coach. If your gonna pull off two upsets where everyone on pickems goes against you, can you please let me know. I need it bad
2nd Grade / Re: Prediction
« Last post by Rushing k on Today at 03:52:31 am »
LOL TYAA BLUE ...33-3 they might get a field goal 😂😂😂
Nah just joking we are just trying to keep the game close

that a good prediction
I was just talking/joking
6th Grade / Re: POST EM: WEEK 3 SCORES (2020)
« Last post by Pigskin Pal on Today at 12:48:12 am »
Verdi 19 U-Silver 13 good game redskins
6th Grade / Re: Christmas has come early for 6th grade.
« Last post by Unionred3rdgrade on September 19, 2020, 11:50:11 pm »
I will say this just because I need to get it off my chest. My son DJ was on your team last year and it definitely was not an enjoyable experience for me or my family. You guys put on a front welcoming my kid and even started giving him much playing time (something I didn't expect pending he was late joining the team). Then because a certain parent started complaining about the new kid getting playing time. All of certain, he playing time was reduced. Furthermore, my kid felt like the outsider on the team. When I tried to reach out to you guys to discuss it. I felt that I was being avoided. Its okay, it was a learning experience for my kid. It's a shame my kid couldn't enjoy winning a championship I am just saying. I do want to thank you coach for one thing, you taught my son to work even harder when the politics are against. DJ is sitting out this year, but hopefully, my son will get to enjoy playing football again. Good Luck Coach, sorry to hear that you are leaving!
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