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"Ask the Ref" / Re: Kicking
« Last post by CoachEmUp" on Today at 03:56:53 pm »
Thats suprising they didnt let you rush.  I thought those guys did a great job at glenpool Saturday but i didn't see the plays you were talking about. but you should definitely be able to rush.
"Ask the Ref" / Re: Kick Off
« Last post by CoachEmUp" on Today at 03:54:21 pm »
u can kick the ball with no tee
5th Grade / Re: Week 3 Pick'em
« Last post by AllIn21 on Today at 03:52:11 pm »
I believe MAC plays Oblack last game of the season. I sure wish that was in owasso
5th Grade / Re: Week 3 Pick'em
« Last post by JenksWhite34 on Today at 03:49:59 pm »
So not to change the subject or anything but OBlack is on a mission. Crazy good on both sides of the ball.

Mac getting after BA Black is another big win for them.

And it looks like Bville Blue ainít messing around with a 22-0 showing over Tyaa White. The one loss is completely irrelevant in the ranking column and just shows what they are made of. Canít wait to watch them line up with LC later in the year.
"Ask the Ref" / Kick Off
« Last post by Tiger71 on Today at 03:44:03 pm »
Do you have to kick the ball off of a tee on kickoffs or can you kick the ball laying flat on the ground? Figured I would ask after watching the Cowboys game.
5th Grade / Re: Week 3 Pick'em
« Last post by David Rolle on Today at 03:02:08 pm »
Piedmont played very well on defense..#99 is the best D-lineman I have seen so far in this shirt season.. They had a nice plan.. Offense is where they struggle.. I like what they are doing as it was solid. A couple more play makers on offense and they would be really hard to beat.
6th Grade / Re: POST EM: WEEK 3 SCORES (2020)
« Last post by AllIn21 on Today at 02:47:15 pm »
BA platinum had a bye
6th Grade / Re: POST EM: WEEK 3 SCORES (2020)
« Last post by Berryhill 4th on Today at 02:36:06 pm »
So did Sand Springs vs Choctaw Blue not play and Iím not seeing BA platinum score or am I over looking something?
4th Grade / Re: Top 10
« Last post by MRW on Today at 01:59:19 pm »
Hopefully now we can quiet this argument of rankings BA White above Skiatook going forward.
1st Grade / Re: Sooner classic
« Last post by COACHBIGJ56 on Today at 01:44:09 pm »
Anything is possible for you to do, your able to take a team of whoever you want, you can recruit out of state if you would like

My sone played on a team from Arkansas a few years back
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