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11-7 PST Matchups
« on: November 07, 2020, 04:59:41 am »
Can't sleep, so here goes...

BA White vs Choctaw Gold- BA is certainly capable of winning the PST and are a formidable foe to any squad.  Choctaw had a promising start to the season that ended in the wrong direction.  I'm taking cowboy early and often in this one.  Might be 24-0

Coweta vs Jenks White- Two teams I know pretty well.  Coweta put it to us in one of our three regular season losses and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to run that one back again.  They've got some studs on their line(Holler at me need a couple of you for my Sooner Classic Squad) and a straight up baller at QB.  TE catches everything you throw him, and when they stay on schedule with down and distance they can be tough.  Jenks White is a team we have ran a few scrimmages against through the season, and I know it was iron sharpening iron.  #22, #44, #42 roaming the 2nd level on D are tough to get chunk plays against, and their line play can match up with about anyone.  Offensively they are probably more explosive than Coweta, and I think that gives them the edge.  Semaj finds the EZ 3 times on the ground and once through the air in a good one, 26-16 Jenks White

Bixby Blue vs Union Silver- Big Blue has my pick to win the ship(Prob playing jenks white) and theres good reason.  #65 and #20 are two top athletes in 6th grade, and this team overall just is solid.  Line play is tough and efficient, always keeping the team ahead of the chains.  They do what they do on O and they do it very well.  Combined with a stingy hard hitting D, they just don't let games get out of hand.  Usilver has athletes all over.  #5, #9 are both great backs that can house it on any play.  Defensively they fly to the ball so the edges are tough to get.  #0 can roam the middle at LB as good as anyone.  Just don't see them having enough on O to create the big plays against Bixby Blues D.  Probably isn't high scoring, maybe 20-6 Bixby Blue.

BA Silver vs Sapulpa- My boy's in silver got a tough win over a salty Verdigris squad, and are looking for more. #50, #1, #7 can play all day on any squad, and I feel bad for whichever OL squares up with Carter on D.  Always a fan of the double wing and the grind it out smashmouth approach. Don't know a ton about Sapulpa, but they have been in some good games throughout the season.  Might be a decent matchup here.  I'm taking Silver 20-7

Owasso Red vs BA Platinum- Two teams I don't want to root against.  Owasso Red has had a tough inaugural season, and I hope that they have at least found some joy just in lining up and playing the greatest team sport.  I know the W's haven't been there, but there is a huge learning curve from 1st season to the 2nd.  Stick with it fellas! My boy Ronnie has his tigers playing efficient, downhill, no mistakes ball, and I see them taking this one home 24-6 BA Platinum

Jenks Black vs Comets- Got to face both this season, and it's a tale of two trajectories.  Jenks Black came into their 2nd season with vigor, and they definitely showed year over year improvement.  Don't sleep on these boys in 7th grade.  Their lefty QB can chuck it, and they've got a slew of athletes(#2, #4, #22 etc).  Defensively they run a good scheme, and overall can be explosive on O.  Just have to limit mistakes! BK had a tough road coming up from AA last season.  These boys never quit and certainly deserve credit for battling week in and week out, and I hope they have gotten better for the experience.  I know they are well coached and certainly would have been a force in AA if they had stayed down.  Taking Jenks in a big one, 32-12

Edmond Wolves vs Claremore- I just want to say that I commend the Edmond coaches for entering the PST and bringing their squad up to Tulsa.  I know that drive sucks, and that probably means limited time to warmup and get things game ready which can't be an advantage.  But hopefully, all these extra games add up to valuable experience and makes you guys that much better for next season.  I know we took the PST as a stepping stone to really sharpen our sword and looking back it was the best thing to happen to our team in 4th grade.  Now for the football talk, I think you guys get the mantle of best team in Edmond! Pitching a shutout to the Bulldogs is impressive in its own right.  Haven't watched film but whatever they run defensively, must be working.  Claremore is a team I don't know much about outside of record, and I'm not sure they will have the firepower to score on this wolves D.  Edmond moves on 14-0

Skiatook vs Verdigris- Skiatook has #77 I believe and hes been there since MM ball.  I think this is the first year he could touch the ball, and by what I saw he needs to touch it dang near every play.  He's always been physical and now he gets to show off more than his blocking skills! Roller and Co out in Verdigris came into A ball as the 5th grade AA champs, and they didn't dissapoint! I believe they went 5-4 in a tough division with some close losses.  Overall that qb play from #9 is impressive, he will be a great player on Friday nights.  #1 has ton of speed and I'm glad to see how he has developed since we played with him in 1st grade, and #5 and #82 can both ball out! I'm a huge fan of this spread offense, and if you can't cover its a long day to be had.  Look for the cardinals to ring the register early and often, 28-12 Verdigris

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