Author Topic: So are we just gonna make up our own schedules for this weekend?  (Read 222 times)

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I'm a coach - and I haven't received a schedule. I've received a time and location for the first game. I don't know who we're playing. I don't have a complete home schedule - or any schedule for that moment. I don't know where the message started that coaches have these schedules. Maybe they do, but I don't, and I know others who don't. I agree that an established organization should have better... organization. As someone who handles logistics at a global level, this is really small potatoes and I'm baffled at how this has been handled. Be that as it may - this is basketball - not war. There's plenty of room to complain - but nothing to really start a fire about. we'll live to complain another day. I wish things had been done better - or at least differently - but at this point I can't see how fighting with the league is going to help my first grade girls.