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4th Grade / Re: Week 8 top 10
« Last post by Dubtown21 on Today at 08:27:45 am »
No pickems this week ..... Zebra your slacking lol
General Football Discussions / Re: dirty non football play
« Last post by wartribe on Today at 07:56:31 am »
Looks like he is just running!
3rd Grade / Re: Week 8 Picks
« Last post by Lockwood81 on October 16, 2019, 11:06:27 pm »
Crunch time.. Alot of good football to play and as always EPO and all in fun...

#3BA White @ Wagoner ( Is this game really on Friday?!?!?..must be a typo..either way,Wagoner has the daunting task of slowing the "champs" down... BA WHITE cruises here.)

#1Glenpool @ Mcalester( The pool has to be down in Mcalester early as heck,but I really don't think that will bother them. GLENPOOL shuts the scoreboard off...)

#7Verdigris @ #10Jenks Silver ( bigtime non division matchup, we all will see how 2 solid teams matchup this late in the season. Being a non division game,it shouldn't affect their respective playoff chances.... looking for JENKS SILVER to rep for D5..)

Yukon @ Edmond( Yukon,we feel your pain,been tough sleddin for us as well.. EDMOND defends home turf..)

Coweta Black @ BA Black( Should be a decent game,2 squads that wanna finish strong... going with BA BLACK for the win.)

Bíville @ Owasso Silver( another good matchup of teams that have had a rough go,but think OWASSO SILVER pulls it off. )

#9South Tulsa @ #20Bixby Blue( ole blue will compete,but SOUTH TULSA gets it done and looks to stay the course..)

#41Hilldale @ Sapulpa( as always, riding with my boys......)

#14Grove @ Pryor( still no towels to throw in,I love it... just think GROVE wins this matchup...)

#8BA Gold @ #20Muskogee( I'm pulling for the gee,they definitely have the squad to pull it off...BA GOLD stays focused and wins a closer than expected ball game..)

Sequoyah @ #18Lincoln Christian( Sequoyah can play and make it interesting, but LINCOLN CHRISTIAN pulls away in the 2nd half...)

Norman @ Piedmont( should be a fairly even game...NORMAN gets it done)

#11Westmoore @ #5Stillwater( after flying virtually under the radar, westmore is clicking along. Tough task for them and STILLWATER handles em easily,putting us all on notice..)

Owasso Red @ Bishop Kelley( pulling for BISHOP KELLY to win this one.)

#17Sand Springs @ #6Skiatook( Sandites make it a game,but SKIATOOK is too physical, well coached and staying focused on making a whole bunch of noise come playoff time...)

#16Claremore @ Catoosa( ZEBRAS make it another one here,getting better and better.. they have a fighters chance..)

#14Bixby White @ Coweta White( BIXBY WHITE won't take the tigers lightly, but do have a huge showdown with Jenks Silver to end the season...)

Berryhill @ #19TYAA Black( Berryhill has had some tough sleddin too and it doesn't get much better this week. TYAA BLACK wins and still holds onto a chance at the playoffs...)

#4Jenks Maroon @ #12TYAA White( tyaa white will score,but MAROON rolls and keeps command of D3...)

Union @ #2Collinsville( DEM BIRDS roll...just 1 more game after this kne before MRW gives us what he really thinks,hahaha... )
6th Grade / Re: Late Sunday Shouts
« Last post by RAIDER NATION on October 16, 2019, 09:53:22 pm »
39 is top shelf.
3rd Grade / Re: Week 8 Picks
« Last post by MRW on October 16, 2019, 09:42:29 pm »
My picks are exactly as LCL97's picks with the exception of (Bville @ Owasso Silver)

Glenpool @ Mcalester

Verdigris @ Jenks Silver

Yukon @ Edmond (Going with Edmond as the INFC has a crystal ball already predicting Edmond for the win 8-0, when you look at schedules ;D)

Coweta Black @ BA Black

Bíville @ Owasso Silver

South Tulsa @ Bixby Blue

Hilldale @ Sapulpa

Grove @ Pryor

BA Gold @ Muskogee

Sequoyah @ Lincoln Christian

Norman @ Piedmont

Ba White @ Wagoner

Westmoore @ Stillwater

Owasso Red @ Bishop Kelley

Sand Springs @ Skiatook

Claremore @ Catoosa

Bixby White @ Coweta White

Berryhill @ TYAA Black

Jenks Maroon @ TYAA White

Union @ Collinsville

Choctaw - BYE
3rd Grade / Re: FRESH OFF THE PRESSES....
« Last post by MRW on October 16, 2019, 09:29:12 pm »
USA Today/AP/CBS Sports/INFC Coaches & Parents 3rd Grade Power Rankings-Week 8

1.   BA White
2.   Glenpool
3.   Jenks Maroon
4.   Stillwater
5.   Skiatook
6.   Verdigris
7.   BA Gold
8.   South Tulsa
9.   Jenks Silver
10.   TYAA White
11.   Grove, LC, Claremore (I just canít with this Division. Itís all over the place.)
12.   Bixby White
13.   Westmoore
14.   Sand Springs
15.   Muskogee
16.   Bixby Blue
17.   TYAA Black
18.   BA Black
19.   Choctaw
20.   Norman, Union, Coweta White

Disclaimer: Yes I left my squad out. I always do!! I'll let you know after week 9!
1st Grade / Re: Top 10 Defensive Players
« Last post by Jchaney3285 on October 16, 2019, 09:23:30 pm »
This is my top ten from the players I have seen.

1. #7 TYAA  Blue
2. #85 Skiatook
3. #5 Skiatook
4. #12 TYAA Red
5. #98 Catoosa Green
6. #21 Bixby Blue
7. #7 Muskogee Green
8. #7 BA White
9. #5 Sand Springs
10.#12 Glenpool Blue

Skiatook 1st Grade HC
Proud Dad of #85
4th Grade / Re: AA top 10
« Last post by BlueMachine on October 16, 2019, 09:11:08 pm »
Have really enjoyed this year. Was quite the transition coming down from 6th grade being with the same group for so long and then starting over with a new group of kids. Its been fun meeting all the coaches and getting acclimated with this age group. Look forward to the next few years as it will probably be my  last go round. 3 is enough I think hah. I kinda wish with this being only a 1 division league we would just play the season out and move on to the post season tournament as opposed to playing the same teams again. I would like to see how we fair against some of the A teams and going against some fresh teams.   
1st Grade / Re: Top 10 Defensive Players
« Last post by Rushing k on October 16, 2019, 07:18:24 pm »
That looks correct to me
3rd Grade / Re: Week 8 Picks
« Last post by Lockwood81 on October 16, 2019, 05:39:04 pm »
Outstanding bud... I'll get around to throwing mine up this evening... some good matchups going on for sure...
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