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4th Grade / Re: Playoff Standings
« Last post by Rly603 on Today at 09:54:29 am »
Wouldnít it go to points in Div 4 even if Edmond beats Jenks by 1 point? Since you would have 3 teams with 2 losses?
4th Grade / Re: Playoff Standings
« Last post by CoachEmUp" on Today at 09:53:53 am »
U-Red is eliminated from the playoffs. Its winner take all in your game.
4th Grade / Re: Playoff Standings
« Last post by B.A.Platinum on Today at 09:39:40 am »
I may be wrong, but if that happens we are still in because we would have the head to head over both Union Red and Owasso White. The only time it would go to points would be if there is no clear head to head winner.
Div 2 looks like claremore, coweta, hilldale and checotah with seeding depending alot on checotah/hilldale game.
"Ask the Ref" / Re: Punt
« Last post by clark13 on Today at 09:20:51 am »
That's the way I understood it, but like I said they awarded us the ball in the end. We Would have lost either way and was not a turning point trust me lol. Thanks!
4th Grade / Re: Playoff Standings
« Last post by Cards#1Fan on Today at 09:13:38 am »
Doubt that it happens, but a side note. If BA Platinum wins, and U-Red upsets Glenpool (who knows coachemup could pull a Popovich and rest some players with the 1 seed locked up  ;D) there would be a 3 way tie for 3rd, leaving it up to marginal points to break the tie.
"Ask the Ref" / Re: Punt
« Last post by Director of Officials on Today at 09:12:14 am »
Then it should have been your ball.  Are you saying the officials told you because it was third grade that you couldn't have the ball back?
The 20 yard punt rule is just an option, if teams want to punt the ball it is a live ball and the results of the play should be just like 6th grade and above.   
If so, I will add to me weekly email I send out to the officials.  Doesn't happen often so thanks for bringing it up. 
5th Grade / Re: Way too early play-off predictions
« Last post by JWF on Today at 09:12:03 am »
If Bixby Blue beats Glenpool and Lincoln beats Owasso red than we have a 3 way tie and it goes to points. Lincoln would be out of the mix but Blue and Red are close. It could swing Bixby Blues way. Dont count blue out yet. Of course if Owasso wins they are in.
6th Grade / Re: Playoff bracket
« Last post by HoneyBadger1 on Today at 09:08:27 am »
Only way bracket change mid week is ďIFĒ Tyaa has to forfeit. But as of right now thatís how it looks. Iíve heard Tyaa is good to play nothing was wrong.
4th Grade / Playoff Standings
« Last post by Cards#1Fan on Today at 09:00:57 am »
Alright the last week of the regular season is upon us and boy is it gonna be a good one! D3 is the only division that is 100% locked in. We have a win and in game in D1, a division title and #1 seed up for grabs in D2. Then there's home playoff positioning in AA, and either an Edmond or a Bixby Blue bubble that's finally gonna burst in D4.

#1 Glenpool
#2 Bixby Red
#3 Owasso White/BA Platinum winner

#1 BA Black/Jenks White winner
#2 BA Black/Jenks White loser
#3 Tyaa Blue

#1 Tyaa Red
#2 BA White
#3 Union Silver

#1 Norman Twolves 7-1 +48
#2 Jenks Maroon 7-1 +48
#3 Bixby Blue 6-2 +32
Edmond 6-2 +39

So the Twolves should coast against the winless Tigers in the battle of Norman to assure them of the #1 seed.. A Jenks Maroon win over Edmond eliminates the Bulldogs and would give Jenks the #2, and Bixby Blue the #3. Edmond not only needs to beat Jenks, but they will need to beat them by 5 or more. That would give them the edge in marginal points, and ultimately the #2 seed, therefore Jenks would be the #3 with the H2H over Bixby. If Edmond wins by 4 or less, Jenks would hold the edge in marginal points, and be the #2, while Bixby would be the #3 with their H2H over Edmond. 

#1 Lincoln Christian
#2 Collinsville
#3 BA Chrome
#4 Berryhill/Verdigris winner
#5 Berryhill/Verdigris loser
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