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Re: The front row
« Reply #30 on: November 14, 2018, 07:33:59 pm »
Man I hate sounding like a whiny little punk. But it pisses me off that they make us watch film on a substandard video player. Itís a joke. And they took away the buttons to forward to the next clip or go back.

Great service by making all the film available, but get it right fellas. This video player is sub par. Have film for each team listed under the name instead of having to search through a season full of games to find certain games. At least break it up by weeks.

There are so many ways to improve this service and itís usability but getting the damn video player so that it consistently loads clips and is usable should be step 1. Get it together.

Ps I doubt they read these posts cause they donít give two cents. Theyíve already been paid. Sad

Have hope that they may read these posts (someone listed as "front row" has posted here)...and there is always next year's contract. If they want it, they will certainly need to make some improvements based on feedback.

Thank you for a great season and helping us grow. We have taken all feedback into consideration and will continue to evolve. -Travis, The FrontRow/Vype Replay