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New Season... still only youth football

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Hope all my fellow football degenerates are primed and ready for this upcoming season! Even though the forums tend to die off a bit in 7th grade with the teams being reduced due to school ball, we still have quite a few of the keyboard warriors left to do battle. Let's just keep christmas in its normal spot on the calendar this season.

Can't wait for Monday nights first practice!

Iím ready to see the scrimmages! And ready for football season. Iíll keep my keyboard warrior alive for this grade why I coach my bobble heads!

BA is ready!  After some crazy wacky things BA will have 4 teams with around 25 kids per team. 

Iím excited and sadÖ. This last year is bitter sweet. Jenks will have 3 teams again. Iíll miss the Mayo highlight reel but canít wait for those rivalry games.

Owasso coming in with two teams of 24 I believe.  Should be a fun year.

What all teams are left?

Owasso- 2 teams
Bixby- 3 teams
Jenks- 3 teams
Union- 1 team?
Muskogee- 1 team
B.A.- 4 teams
Sapulpa- 1 team? Not sure if they went to school ball
Sand Springs- 1 team
Bartlesville- 1 team

Am I missing anyone or are there more than one union team? If I'm correct than we have 17 teams. So two divisions one with 9 and one with 8... Top 4 in each go to the dance.

I'm sure there are some long in the tooth INFC vets that can weigh in if I'm incorrect in any of these assumptions or if there is a school I'm leaving off the radar.  I'm pretty sure the west side goes to school ball this year but IDK honestly


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