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How bout them sandites

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Great game union silver

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Congrats to both Sand springs and Union silver on a heck of a football game. Those Sandites have came so close for years and finally got it done. The run they had through the playoffs was unbelievable.
Union silver you boys have been one of the blue bloods in this grade for years and one of the class programs. Good luck to all of the players in this grade in the future.

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Shout-out to Sand Springs big time win boys you deserve it. Shout to the 12 man. Y'all showed up face painted and all salutes from Raider Nation!

Shout out to my Hot Boyz on a good season. I think Its safe to safe to say that Union will be back with this group of Boyz. Salutes to you all. Keep pushing. Well back to mighty mites for me. Got one coming stay tone!!

One last thing to top it off. Ima give S.S  Boyz a new name..it stands for Show Stoppers. Y'all stop the Greatest show on Turf! Good job..

This must be a misprint... According to the resident expert Raider Nation, Union Silver was going to beat the blood out of everyone in the league.

In fact, this is the exact same score that those highly overrated Jenks Silver boys managed against SS.  That in itself is reason for me to know this MUST be false.  Otherwise the team from Union wouldn't be nearly as dominant as we've all been lead to believe and Raider Nation would maybe be full of it.

No way that's the case...

I'm going to go to sleep and expect Raider Nation to have this sorted out by the time I log back on tomorrow.



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