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Re: After three weeks top 10
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2017, 11:27:29 am »
1 Owasso Red - Still working on getting healthy and everyone back to playing.
2. Bixby Red - Tougher than hell and very well coached.
3. Union Chrome - They have some studs that could beat any team.
4. Jenks Maroon-Watch out for these young men, they are better than you think.
5. BA Bronze - Solid team that has a stingy defense.
6. Muskogee - Still haven't seen them play yet but they are one of the few unbeaten teams so they deserve to be in here.
7.BA Silver- Team hasn't given up but one touchdown all season.
8. BA Black- Even though I watched this team lose last week, this team has something to prove to everyone.
9. Jenks White - Their offense is different which could cause some teams problems.
10. Union Black - A good team that will win plenty of games.
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