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Well were down to the final two. Both teams are very deserving and have earned their way into the final game of the year.

BA Black(10-1)
Bixby White(11-0)

BAs only loss is to Bixby earlier this year. Will they avenge that loss and win in front of their home crowd? Or will Bixby keep the streak alive and close out a perfect season?

Who ya got and why?

BA Black over Bixby White

Hate the forums wither and die this time of year, but such is life.  As for the game...

BA Black- Man they basically played a 4 quarter game of smash mouth football against Jenks and in the end took it home.  Most likely they will plan to do the same against Bixby, and they've got the horses to do it.  #27 is deceivingly quick but also very powerful and #22 has good speed as well.  It won't be flashy, but be in for 4 quarters of ground and pound behind that bruising line on both sides of the ball.

Bixby White- They can line up and run off tackle with #5 or Let #1 deliver strikes all over the field.  Really hard to limit the big plays, especially with #21 and #3 out on the perimeter and #5 in the backfield.  I don't see them getting shut down per se, but the cold weather and the fact that BA should have a home field advantage playing in their own HS stadium could add some difficulty. Ronnie went to the dance once and knows the sting of that loss, and its now or never to avenge it and get over the mountain.

I know it's damn hard to beat a good team twice in one season, but just like my Owasso White 2027's did to Jenks Maroon, I'm taking Bixby to close out the perfect season in a fairly ugly one with the same final score as last year, 16-8

Good luck today fellas. Dress warm colder than a witches titty in this treestand

Thanks Allin. Thanks NDSU for doing the picks all season. Gonna be a great game tonight!


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