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1st Round Dominance
« on: November 08, 2020, 03:45:52 pm »
TruthTeller2020, Truth be told neither team was at full capacity.  BxB Red had 4 kids out as well.  BXB Red had two kids and a coach in quarantine and our parents did the right thing and kept them home all week.  They werenít able to participate in the last two games.  Itís sad that a policy change is what had to be done because people canít use common sense and put a youth game over the health and safety of those around them.  The policy change isnít the reason you lost.  Your inability to kick and extra point or convert an extra point period was your problem.  If I was a parent of one of the kids that did play, who played their guts out, I would be insulted that the reason you say you lost was because you didnít have all of your players.

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Youíre right frontline, failing to execute cost the game that was played. And Iím glad you mentioned that because as a result of Redís manipulation conjuring a protocol change, both our kicker and holder were targeted at weigh-in. But letís not talk about the fact that our kicker from last year was illegally recruited by Red in the off-season, and your RB/LB was on our roster last year, was never released from our team, didnít go through the draft properly, but magically showed up on your team after a player injury.

But please donít act like you guys didnít manipulate a weak-minded ďleaderĒ to make a ďprotocol changeĒ at the eleventh hour for public health safety, but rather nothing more than to gain an advantage. Congrats it worked. Although now youíve set a precedent Red wonít play a team if opposing players may be quarantined even with a negative test or whatever reason they give for playing. You won yesterday playing lawyer ball.

And you didnít have 4-kids out due to the change; ya had two - the other two, one due to injury, and one to surgery recovery. Truth be known, there were probably other kids on your team yíall wish you couldíve quarantined yourselves just to reduce roster size. And if BIXBY R39 were a healthy ďteamĒ ya might very well be on your way to another championship.

We abided by the policies and protocols all season long as directed by said ďleaderĒ. But hey, never let a good disaster go to waste, right?

I wish nothing but the best for all the BIXBY RED players and families, and wish them good success. Sadly, I think Raider will be posting about another bye week soon.

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