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Re: Week 7 - Pivotal Week PICKems
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There are some TOUGH picks this week. I'm still not sure about several of my choices but I guess I will post what I have.

Division 1
EDMOND HUSKIES(3-3)   host CHOCTAW BLUE(4-2) This one is tough for me because Iíve seen both teams play and was much more impressed with the Huskies. Choctaw Blue, however, has been winning a lot of games since the season started. Guess Iíll go with the home team.
WESTMOORE(5-1)   hosts NORMAN TIGERS(0-6) Westmoore is a strong team and will have no problems shutting the clock off on the Tigers.
YUKON(1-5)   hosts PIEDMONT(2-4) I would like to think that Yukon is due for another win but I think Piedmont is far too scrappy, especially after they scored on Choctaw Gold.
CHOCTAW GOLD(5-1)   hosts EDMOND WOLVES(1-5) The Wolves will not be able to get their second win here.
NORMAN T-WOLVES(3-3)   host EDMOND BULLDOGS(6-0) The T-Wolves seem to be inconsistent this year but the Bulldogs will be ready, no matter what.

Division 2
MUSKOGEE(1-5)   hosts CATOOSA(1-5) Catoosa gets the edge from me because they have a little more momentum going into this game.
BIXBY RED(6-0)   hosts JENKS SILVER(6-0) GOTW I have been trying to decide my pick for this game for a couple of weeks now. One of the few times in the past few years that I picked Red to lose, they shut the clock off on McAlester. Red has struggled at times this year but continues to find ways to win and they have still not allowed a single point. That is tough to do in this league, even against poor teams. It only takes one dropped coverage or misalignment or one missed tackle for a team to score, even against the best. The amount of discipline that Bixby Red and the Edmond Bulldogs have had on defense to allow 0 points is amazing. I think Red will win a close one to take their place at the top of Division 2.
WAGONER(2-4)   hosts OWASSO WHITE(5-1) O-White will continue to solidify their place in the Division 2 third playoff spot.
TYAA RED(2-4)   hosts MCALESTER(3-3) Despite holding the defending champs to 13 last week, I think TYAA Red has given up too many points this year.

Division 3
BA ORANGE(3-3)   hosts COWETA BLACK(0-5) Orange will bounce back from their close loss to Jenks Maroon and win this one easily.
UNION SILVER(6-0)   hosts TYAA BLUE(6-0) GOTW Another game I have struggled with for a while now. These teams are extremely close in stats and strength of schedule. Silver has scored 11 more points but allowed 2 more. Silver has the home field advantage but has a tricky history with Blue. Silver is also coming off of a ďcome-from-behindĒ overtime win against a tough O-Red team. Both teams are extremely well coached so this game could go either way depending on which boys show up ready to play. Winner will take the top spot in Division 3. If this were played at McClain, Blue would have my pick so I guess Iíll go with Silver since it will be at Union.
JENKS MAROON(4-2)   hosts SKIATOOK(2-4) It took some creative play calling at the end of the last game for Jenks to win but I think they have an easier time with their victory this week.
CLAREMORE(0-5)   hosts OWASSO RED(3-3) O-Red is too tough to stumble here. With only 4 standings points separating them from J-Maroon, the last game of the season might be interesting.

Division 4
BA BLACK(2-4)   hosts SAPULPA(1-5) BA had a tougher non-division schedule so they get my nod here.
SAND SPRINGS(4-2)   hosts BIXBY BLUE(6-0) GOTW Sand Springs stumbled and went scoreless against a tough Metro team and also has a large roster which means they have to work to get all of their play counts. Blue scraped by that same Metro team with a 2-point win so they should have the edge here but I know from experience, never count SS out of the game until the game is played. One interesting note about this game is that if Blue wins, but by less than 4 points, Metro could slip ahead of them in the Division 4 standings which means Blue could go undefeated on the season and still not win their Division. (As pointed out in the thread below, this scenario is likely based on incorrect information)
UNION BLACK(3-3)   hosts METRO CHRISTIAN(4-2) Metro is well coached, disciplined and has had a much tougher schedule. Not only will they win this one, but Iím going to predict they win out to take the second (possibly the first -  see above) spot in Division 4.
GLENPOOL(1-5)   hosts STILLWATER(0-6) As predicted, Stillwater finally scored in their last game but it wasnít enough. I think Glenpool handles them for the easy win.

BA PLATINUM(5-1)   hosts LINCOLN CHRISTIAN(6-0) GOTW This was almost a clash of unbeaten teams but Platinum stumbled last week. That, and the fact they have had a much weaker schedule means I give LC the win again in my picks this week (as long as they arenít already looking to next weekís showdown with Cascia for the top spot in AA1).
JENKS WHITE(1-5)   hosts BARTLESVILLE(3-3) Bartlesville has both a better record and a tougher schedule so far so they should win this easily.
COWETA WHITE(1-5)   hosts PRYOR(3-3) I think Pryor is the safe pick here.

VERDIGRIS(4-2)   hosts UNION RED(2-4) Verdigris rolls over Red as they prepare for their end of season showdown against Hilldale.
HILLDALE(5-1)   hosts BERRYHILL(4-2)   GOTW This game could very well be for the second spot in Division AA2. If Hilldale wants a shot at the first spot, they will need this one before facing Verdigris in 3 weeks. Hilldale stumbled with a non-division loss to Pryor but has rolled over everyone since. Berryhill has lost a couple of close games to tough opponents (by 5 to LC and by 1 to Verdigris). Hilldale has a slight edge on defensive numbers and a large edge on offense so Iím going with them for this game.
COLLINSVILLE(3-3)   hosts BISHOP KELLEY(0-6) BK has had a tough ride this year and it wonít get any better here.

SEQUOYAH(0-6)   hosts CASCIA HALL(5-1) Cascia with the cake walk.

I went 17 - 7 this week.  Either there were some upsets, or I can't pick worth a damn! 🤨
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