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Re: Week 7 - Pivotal Week PICKems
« on: October 09, 2019, 04:01:28 pm »
There is no way BXB Blue goes undefeated and doesn’t win division. Win / Loss record is above points.  Marginal Points are only in the event of a 3 way tie.

Win / Loss
Head to Head
Marginal Points in the event of a tie

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That is good to know...except I'm reading the INFC Rulebook (again) and it's not exactly clear on that. It talks about two teams being tied in marginal points and then the winner of head-to-head advances which implies that marginal points are used first. It does NOT mention win/loss record in that section.

It does mention record in a separate section about the playoffs, but doesn't even spell out if it is divisional record or overall record (I'm 99% sure it's divisional record). 

I doubt seriously that Bixby Blue will win by less than 4 points so this is likely a moot point (but interesting). I have copy/pasted the pertinent rulebook entry below:

Marginal   Points   shall   be   calculated   for   each   divisional   game   played throughout the regular season. Post-Season eligibility and seeding shall be determined utilizing marginal points. The maximum number of marginal points per game shall be eight points. No team shall add or subtract more than eight points per game.
A. The maximum number of marginal points for any games that went into overtime shall be plus or minus one point.
B.  If  two  teams  are  tied  (on  marginal  points),  the  advancer  shall  be  the  team that defeated the other during the regular season.
  • 1.  If  three  teams  are  tied  (on  marginal  points),  the  advancer  shall  be  determined  by  coin  toss  at  a  time  and  place  determined  by  the  Commissioner.
  • 2.  Remaining  playoff  spots  for  tied  teams,  which  lose  the  coin  toss,  shall be determined by which team defeated the other during the regular season play.

We need some of our INFC playoff veterans to chime in on this possible scenario.

And just for fun, here is another section of the rulebook that contradicts the section that I copy/pasted above (this one agrees with 52Spartans):

Article  4: Division  Tie  Breakers  If  two  teams  have  equal  records  at  the  end of the regular Conference play, the team that won over the other will be considered to have the higher league standing
.A. In the event three or more teams are tied with identical records and no winner can be determined, the advancing team shall be determined by  totaling  the  margin  of  points  for  each  tied  team  in  all  Divisional  games  (or  division  games  if  two  or  more  divisions).  The  advancing  team shall be the team with the greatest number of marginal points.B.       Any  remaining  playoff  spots  for  the  remaining  tied  teams  shall  be  determined by the winner over the other during the regular season as above.
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