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Week 7 AA Pick-em's
« on: October 10, 2018, 01:36:07 pm »
Week 7 is here and it looks like rain again for Saturday.

Berryhill vs. Cascia Hall- It has been a good ride for Berryhill, but their next 3 weeks are going to be brutal. Cascia Hall turns the clock off.

Sapulpa Blue vs. Glennpool- It's going to be a tough game for the little Chiefs. Smash mouth football 101. Glennpool wins this one.

South Tulsa vs Metro- you never know but going with Metro

Jenks Maroon vs Collinsville- I am not sure what happened to Jenks, but they are not the same team I saw earlier in the year. Jenks has to finish strong and win out to have a chance to make the playoffs. Week 9 vs Sap Blue will be a game. Collinsville has some big guys and are no pushover. Heart says Jenks, but going with Collinsville.

Verdigris vs. Claremore- Going with Claremore until someone can stop them.

Checotah vs Pryor- If Pryor can stop there tailback they have a chance. Checotah

Hulbert vs. Hilldale- Hilldale

Wagoner vs. Coweta- Coweta

Wed. night special 10/17 make up game- Hilldale vs. Coweta- should be a good one and on a short week. Coweta gets the win.

Good luck to everyone! Don't tear them down, coach them up!
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Re: Week 7 AA Pick-em's
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 01:37:32 pm »
Three games left in the regular season and the last couple of spots in the playoff for each division still up for grabs.


Metro vs South Tulsa – Metro is on a roll and I do not expect them to falter in their next two games, most likely securing the third playoff spot.  At this point South Tulsa is looking towards the PST and recruiting for next season.  Metro turns the scoreboard off.

Cascia vs Berryhill – Cascia is the AA:1 proven juggernaut and potentially the best in the AA.  Berryhill is not flashy but can put together sustained drives.  Berryhill’s next three games will be very tough.  Cascia flexes and get this one by four TDs.

Collinsville vs Jenks Maroon – Collinsville has had three straight weeks of getting hammered by good teams.  Jenks has been struggling the last two weeks.  I think this is going to be a close one, especially if Jenks continues to turn the ball over.  Jenks by one TD.

Glenpool vs Sapulpa Blue – Glenpool just keeps getting better and will drop the hammer in the next three games.  Unless Sapulpa is holding something back I just don’t see them hanging close to Glenpool.  Glenpool by four TDs.


Wagner Red vs Coweta – The last game both teams played was against Checotah.  Wagner got shellacked and Coweta shocked the division with a win.  Coweta has also had an extra week to prepare.  Coweta takes this one by three TDs.

Checotah vs Pryor – Pryor plays a mid-week game against Verdigris then turns around and plays Checotah on Saturday.  Checotah turns the scoreboard off.

Verdigris vs Claremore – Verdigris is in the same boat as Pryor with a similar outcome.  Claremore kind of baffles me.  They only beat Pryor by two TDs then turn around and beat Coweta in a close one.  Claremore should turn the scoreboard off on Verdigris but my gut tells me they are all defense and no offense.  Claremore by two TDs. 

Hulbert vs Hilldale – I have no doubt Hilldale will win this one and should turn the scoreboard off however I think the offense Hilldale runs just isn’t conducive to racking up points. Hilldale takes this by four TDs.

Good luck to all and stay dry.