Author Topic: The top 10 is more clear now  (Read 1457 times)

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Re: The top 10 is more clear now
« on: September 25, 2022, 08:05:40 pm »
1. Jenks Silver- the king until someone knocks  them off the mountain.
2. Edmond Bulldogs- somehow under the radar, maybe because they’re a West side team.
3. Glenpool- scrappy bunch.
4. TYAA- has beat some good teams and still undefeated.
5. Stillwater- another team on the West side that could make some noise.
6. Claremore- talented tailback.
7. Skaitook- huge o-line, physical.
8. Jenks Maroon- I’m sure they’ll be a handful for any team.
9. Bixby White- good tailback, he’s an all around good athlete.
10. BA White- good athletes, solid defense.