Author Topic: Rumors??? What’s true?  (Read 1813 times)

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Re: Rumors??? What’s true?
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:05:06 am »
The kids in question, which isn’t as many as the “rumors” are suggesting have all been attending Lincoln.  Some of them since Pre-k. Their parents forgot to fill out their sportabase paperwork.  But they were on an official roster since the beginning of the year.  And they do go to school there. .  I am friends with one of the families their kid now has to sit out Saturday.  So I know the whole story.  It was one piece of paperwork not some grand scheme.  Now you got kids that cannot play for the something that has never been a “BIG” issue until now.  You all better check  your sportabase you know, in case life got in the way and you just forgot another piece of paperwork to fill out.  They had 3 kids in the 5th grade that forgot to register.  I don’t know about the rest.  Their parents feel awful.  It just slipped their minds. The athletic director for their club messed up and didn’t double check.  Their family told me he is new to the school.   That’s all I know about the other teams. I have no idea about what went on with 6th grade.  Just trying to be a reasonable mind in a bunch of nonsense.

Wait, you have "no idea" about what went on with the 6th grade team but came here to tell us how the 5th grade team has 3 kids whose parents "forgot" to register them? And that the club director or coach NEVER once checked or noticed? How many years have these players played in the INFC? And how many years have these coaches coached in the INFC?

Also, how many of the non registered players were on the team before the first game? Were any players added after game 1? I don't know why I'm asking you honestly. You came to the 6th grade forum to talk about 5th grade. Sounds like the entire LC organization is doing some shady stuff. One team, one player... Ok. But, when it comes to 3 teams with MULTIPLE players.... COME ON BRUH!!!!
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