Author Topic: Our Buddy Needs Help!  (Read 757 times)

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Re: Our Buddy Needs Help!
« on: November 18, 2020, 11:36:00 pm »
Coach Em Up(Steven) is my brother. What has happened is incredibly sad and tragic! With Gods Healing weíre believing and praying for a full recovery!

I wanted to take a moment and say from the bottom of my heart and my familyís heart what a blessing and show of true class this grade has been! So many coaches, parents and players have reached out and showed love and support! We have preached to our kids our entire life you can be rivals on the fields and friends off the field. Iím reminded of this even more with the outreach of love for Steve and his kids!

My kids have called me and said dad did you see that LC gave money, Jenks donated, Owasso donated, BA donated, the commissioner of the INFC donated. What a truly humbling experience and show of love! What an incredible life lessons for kids to be able to see that first hand. The game of football is more than just a game! For that I canít thank you guys enough!

My brother is struggling and like I told him tonight you have built a community of love by being you! Lean on that community!!

I asked that all my friends join me in praying for the recovery of his kids and pray for my brother and his wife! Thank you to all those who have prayed for them and showed them love! Your kindness will never be forgotten!

Thank you,
William Bartmann
Glenpool Blue 2nd Grade HC
Proud dad of #21 2nd grade, #10 Kindergartner and #21 6th Grade
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