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Re: Final Top 10
« on: November 11, 2019, 05:04:03 pm »
Going off what happened in the last games, not seasonal stats..............

1. BXB Red- Champs proved themselves all year long through injuries and adversity. They played 6 top 10 teams this year and everytime, found a way to win. DOMINATING SEASON SPARTANS!
2. Metro- A team that got better every week and battled their way to the top 4. Only team to give the champs a run for their money and the only team that scored on that top Red Machine defense. Great season!
3. TYAA Blue- Great athletes and coaches that dominated all season long. Easily a top 4 team but hit a brick wall when trying to go toe to toe with the champs.
4. Edmond- Representing the best in the west, hands down. Dominate season with alot of talent. Didn't finish what they started but nevertheless a top 4 team.
5. Union Silver- Those horses showed up every week and battled. Speed and power everywhere but met their match at Metro when those Patriots seemed to be clicking at just the right time.
6. BXB Blue- This team showed up and played Spartan football in the playoffs. Easily could've won against Edmond in the semi's but still a strong performance.
7. SandSprings- A juggernaut of a team that had the championship in their sites. Great defense that took them as far as they could go and everybody still get all their plays, lol.
8. Jenks Silver- A top team throughout the season but both Red and Blue Spartans seemed to have their number this year. They'll be back, they always are......
9. Owasso Red- They had a tough schedule this season that did nothing but make them better. They proved to be the best team in Owasso and showed the west just how tough it can be in the east.
10. Owasso White- This was a great team with some bad luck. Tough injuries and a tough schedule took its toll on the Rams but still considered to be a top 10 team.
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