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2021 Team/Roster Size/ Team Outlook


How’s everyone’s off-season going as far as recruiting?

Bartlesville White (AA)
 / 25 boys /
Last year we went 2-7 with mostly first year kids and a lot of kids that had played in the previous year but didn’t have any help as far as coaching goes.  Their only score was a random pick-6 so we came a long way in just a year.  This season, we added several more new kids that are hungry to learn and the returners have gotten bigger, faster, stronger & should really make an impact!  We get started on Monday! Good luck to everyone!

Edmond will have 3 sixth grade teams (one in AA) and all of our rosters are pretty full (25 or more per team).

BA teams are looking at about 28 kids per team

Hilldale has 1 team of 25 boys a lot of new players this year!


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