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Re: Week 7 Pickems
« on: October 12, 2019, 12:16:23 am »
MAC, sorry but I just forgot to give you my picks this week. I live in Houston and we have these computerized signs on the freeways that advertise various road conditions. One of the things they show are ďamber alertsĒ. A lot of the time is says missing elderly man driving a (car description and tag #)........ Iím so old that I always read these signs carefully to make sure the car they describe isnít mine. The moral of this story is to give my advice.... Donít get old. Anyway, thatís my excuse for not giving you my picks.

Also, I wonder why the signs never says ďmissing elderly womanĒ? Donít they ever get lost? I told my wife that itís because the women are sitting in the passenger seat giving instructions to the man of when to slow down, turn on the turn signals, etc.
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