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Re: Week 7 Pickems
« on: October 11, 2019, 11:02:03 pm »
Man, is it just me, or is work overrated?!  Totally getting in the way of my forum contributions this week!  I mean, I'm averaging triggering one Grandad comment per week over the last two weeks!  Quite possibly my greatest accomplishment.  HOWEVER, I think the "has been" IT guy Grandad forgot to put in the correct floppy disk last week, and his picks made me drop to second place on the pickems leaderboard!  Dangit!!  Gotta restore order in the universe, and be back on top!  #resumebuilder

Stillwater Blue @ Edmond Bulldogs - Edmond is dangerous and will be interesting to see how they do in the playoffs.  They should go far, just depending on matchups.  I don't want to play these guys!  I think West side teams get discounted, but I think that's inaccurate, and playoffs will show that.  All the disrespect is likely fueling the chip on their shoulders, we aren't doing ourselves any favors.  Come playoffs Bulldogs and Twolves will be on a mission to prove they're legit contenders (I personally know they are, played them both last year!)
Edmond Wolves @ Yukon White

Division 1
Norman Twolves @ Choctaw Gold - Twolves will be in the championship game, IMO, they are so solid.  Same comments above, loads of respect for this squad.
Piedmont @ Yukon Red - Also curious to see how Piedmont does in the playoffs, I think they will also show some West side teams that the East can play ball too.

Division 2
Choctaw Blue @ Norman Tigers
Stillwater Gold @ Westmoore

Division 3
Jenks Maroon @ Glenpool - Glenpool will be ready, and they are a solid team.  Great kids all around, and phenomenal coaching.  That # 2 is a total stud, and these guys are a very complete team.  Everyone was surprised at their earlier than expected playoff exit last year, and I'm sure no one was more surprised than Glenpool.  They will be fired up and ready to show the the Champs what's up, at home nonetheless.  I think there will be some huge plays on both sides of the ball in this one.  But, in the end, Maroon makes one more play and comes out with the W, and locks down # 1 seed out of D3.
McAlester @ Union Black - still haven't seen McAlester play, but I think they'll probably win this one.  I think Union Black is a lot better than they get credit for.  They have some talent and could win this game. 
Owasso White @ BA White - This will be a really really good game. I think Owasso White is on a mission.  BA White is solid too though.  Really could go either way.  I think this one gets decided by extra points and/or a key fumble in the 4th quarter.
Muskogee @ BA Chrome - # 9 from BA Chrome is a huge playmaker, but I think Muskogee pulls this one off.  This will be another close game though, but I think in the end Muskogee will make the extra plays to win it.

Division 4
BA Black @ Bixby Red - Bixby Red knows how to beat this team.  I really hope this one is close, and that really depends on if # 25 is healthy and can go.  That kid is a difference maker, and the heart of this team.  I love the way he plays.  @BABlack52, just remember, good teams force you to make mistakes, broski.  If you're around the game long enough, you realize that good teams force you to: turn the ball over, fumble, miss your extra points, throw picks, miss blocks, miss tackles, etc.  Seems like ever since 3rd grade, every time your team struggles or heaven forbid, loses a game, it's never about the other team, but always just because of mistakes you made internally, refs, etc.  Although internal execution is a factor, you gotta zoom out and realize that good teams force you to make mistakes, that's just the way it goes.  I really hope Bixby Red wins this game, love that team and want to see them continue to succeed!  (btw, remember, Grandad made me write this!  lol  Forum's been a little slow this week too, so just trying to produce some more engaging content for the crowd!)
Lincoln Christian @ Jenks White - This will be a really good game!  Both teams are super good, and no one wants to play either of them!  My man # 22 is one of the fiercest competitors in the league, the STATE!  He will be a difference maker in this game, and will make the extra play to get the W!
Coweta Black @ Wagoner - bounces back from the L last week, and shows their amnesia.
Owasso Black @ Claremore

Division 5
Catoosa @ TYAA - Catoosa doesn't score a point, maybe gets 1 first down at best.  This one will be ugly, TYAA is on a mission!
Bixby Blue @ Sand Springs - Bixby Blue is so consistent, and they roll again this week!  Can't wait to see TYAA and Bixby Blue face off.
BA Silver @ BA Platinum - Going with BA Platinum, who gave us a good fight in the playoffs last year.  Haven't seen them play this year, but I know they're a great team, playoff caliber!
Union Silver @ Jenks Black - For the record, I CLEARLY want Jenks Black to win this game, and will be SO PUMPED if they do!  But, unfortunately I need to surpass Cards on pickems, so going with the team that still scares me from Mighty Mite days!  Btw Cards, might need to bring in an external auditor to tally up your picks.  Magically you're leading the pickems board, that you manage?!  Obviously just kidding!!  We're all grateful for all the work you do man, you are the primary reason this 5th grade forum gets the engagement it does!  You're puttin in work man, we see you!!

AA Division 1
Bartlesville Blue @ Hilldale
Pryor @ Verdigris
Skiatook @ Coweta White

AA Division 2
Sapulpa @ Collinsville -  come on Cards, picked you guys to win last week, I think you threw the game so you could pass me on pickems!  lol  You owe me a W now, I'm sure that's your main motivation, amiright?!   ;)
Berryhill @ Bartlesville White
Bishop Kelley @ South Tulsa

AA Non-Division
Holland Hall @ Sequoyah
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