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Re: Week 7 Pickems
« on: October 08, 2019, 01:43:27 pm »
Good luck to everyone this week and as always EPO!

Stillwater Blue @ Edmond Bulldogs- This will be the toughest test Edmond has faced all season to this point. Stillwater comes off a week where they beat the #2 seed from D2. This week they get the #1 team from that division. The Bulldogs will be ready for the challenge. They know the Twolves beat em by 30, so they're wanting to win by 31. EDMOND BULLDOGS

Edmond Wolves @ Yukon White- The Wolves are hoping to beat both Yukon teams in back to back weeks. They took care of Red 28-0. Edmond was able to score on Stilly blue. Yukon wasn't... But Yukon is a playoff #2 seed, surely they'll beat a team that's 1-5 right? Not so fast my friends! EDMOND WOLVES with the upset

Division 1
Norman Twolves @ Choctaw Gold- Tough two week stretch for the Yellowjackets getting Piedmont and Norman back to back. They will be excited for the challenge, and will be better after this game, but the Twolves really are on a mission. They are the second highest scoring team in the league, only trailing Edmond. NORMAN TWOLVES

Piedmont @ Yukon Red- Top 4 scoring offense going up against the 6th worst scoring defense. Gonna be ugly. PIEDMONT

Division 2
Choctaw Blue @ Norman Tigers- Definitely an elimination game. Not sure how the tie is going to play out, but I think NORMAN TIGERS wins and maybe keeps their playoff hopes alive.

Stillwater Gold @ Westmoore- Again, not sure how the tie will play out, but in my opinion, the winner of this game will be the #3 seed in D2. Homefield advantage goes to the Jags, but I picked Stilly as my darkhorse to make the playoffs awhile back and am gonna ride with it. STILLWATER GOLD

Division 3
Jenks Maroon @ Glenpool- This is my overall game of the week. Two of the best in the business. I could go on for days about all the good things these two do. I believe the cointoss is going to have a major factor in this game. If Glenpool can receive first, they can play their cards right and potentially limit Jenks to one first half possession. If either wins this by 2 or more scores, I'd be shocked. Irregardless of the outcome, both will be tough outs come playoffs. If I must pick one, I gotta go with the champs til they get beat. JENKS MAROON

McAlester @ Union Black- U-Black has the potential to make a run in this game. Just a matter of executing. If Mac can avoid snapping the ball over their qb's head, then they should be able to score a lot of points. They'll be watching that BA-Owasso score closely before their game starts.

Owasso White @ BA White- The most important game of the week in my opinion as this is basically a win or go home game. Owasso wins, they're in. BA wins, they'll just need to beat Mac next week to clinch their 3rd straight playoff berth. I give that defense of BA a slight edge, but the Rams have the edge in offense. They can beat you in multiple ways. I will be rooting for the rams to take that next step. OWASSO WHITE

Muskogee @ BA Chrome- This is a toss up! Two emerging teams with a lot of similarities. Both will be itching to pick up their second win of the year. Should be a high scoring game with the Gee finding the endzone 1 more time than Chrome does. MUSKOGEE

Division 4
BA Black @ Bixby Red- These two powerhouses square off for the 3rd straight season. This being the first regular season matchup. Bixby beat BA for the 3rd grade championship 20-7. BA got revenge last year knocking Big Red out in the quarterfinals 13-0.. If Bixby can play their best football of the season, they have a chance to win. But that would need to be paired with BA having an off day. I know BA will have their boys ready for this one. BA BLACK wins by 3 scores.

Lincoln Christian @ Jenks White- HUGE game here with both sitting at 3-1 in the division. You gotta think what games remain. LC has Coweta, while Jenks has BA. In my opinion this is a must win for Jenks. A loss won't eliminate them, but it will really put a damper on their chances of making the playoffs. #22 needs to be the best player on the field, but that's gonna be tough with #44 out there. I'm rootin for a little madness, but I gotta pick LINCOLN CHRISTIAN

Coweta Black @ Wagoner- Wagoner has the worst scoring defense through 6 games. Coweta has one of the better backs in the league. He may score every time he touches the ball. Gonna need to be well rested for Bixby! COWETA BLACK

Owasso Black @ Claremore- After a 4 game stretch against the likes of LC, Coweta, BA, and Bixby, Claremore is just what the doctor ordered for this O-Black team. They get a big win over the Zebras. OWASSO BLACK

Division 5
Catoosa @ TYAA- TYAA won last years matchup 32-6. Since then, I think TYAA has improved, while Catoosa has struggled a little. 7 games. 7 shutouts. TYAA

Bixby Blue @ Sand Springs- Sand Springs isn't totally out, but needs major help. A win here would be a start. They get a spartan team thats playing some good football. Is big blue looking a week ahead to TYAA? It'd be easy to do, but these guys know the drill. One week at a time. BIXBY BLUE by 2-3 scores.

BA Silver @ BA Platinum- Good ol Battle of BA! Two teams that have been trending in opposite directions this season. Plat was a playoff team a season ago that played the champs tough rd 1. They now sit 2-4. Silver on the otherhand went from being winless and not even scoring a point last year, to having 2 victories, and 66 points under their belts. Given the familiarity between the two, my gut says roll with BA PLATINUM

Union Silver @ Jenks Black- Doesnt have to be pretty, but Union just needs to win out and they'll be playoff bound for the 3rd straight year. They get a pesky Jenks team that hasnt reached their full potential yet. I could see Jenks putting up a fight for awhile, but in the end, UNION SILVER gets a tough road W.

Division 1
Bartlesville Blue @ Hilldale- The Bruins have everything in front of them in terms of finishing in that 4th spot. They just gotta go execute. After a 1-2 start, the Hornets are getting hot at the right time as they've rattled off 3 straight W's. They can finish anywhere from 1st-3rd. They make it 4 straight in this one. HILLDALE

Pryor @ Verdigris- Big time matchup in AA1. Gonna be one of the top 3 games all year. A lot at stake as both teams have their eyes on hosting atleast 1, if not 2 playoff games. Verdigris totes the second highest scoring offense in AA, while the Pryor defense is #1, only allowing 13 points. Defense wins championships. PRYOR

Skiatook @ Coweta White- I'm really rooting for them Bulldogs to find the endzone once this season. They get a Coweta team thats coming off a shutout victory. They are in contention for that last playoff, and aren't caught looking ahead this week as COWETA WHITE rolls.

Division 2
Sapulpa @ Collinsville- Sapulpa is looking to play spoiler these last few weeks of the regular season. They have solid line play, and a defense that doesn't give up many points. Time to get to work.

Berryhill @ Bartlesville White- Berryhill has catapulted themselves as the team to beat in AA. They are good at the little things. They have a good mix on O, able to give multiple looks. And their defense gets stops when they need to. Bartlesville has been on the wrong side of some very tight games. They are actually a +17 PF/PA on the year, despite a 2-4 overall record. This game will be closer than people think, but in the end, BERRYHILL moves to 7-0 on the year.

Bishop Kelley @ South Tulsa- These two come into this one at a quiet 5-1. South Tulsa has an opportunity to improve on their seeding for the playoffs over these last 3 weeks. BK was one of my preseason favorites and they haven't disappointed. They are a very solid, disciplined team that has a kicker at their disposal. That's a nice advantage that a lot of teams don't have. BISHOP KELLEY

Holland Hall @ Sequoyah- Seqouyah is looking to pick up their first win. Despite what their record says, they have been competitive in almost every ballgame they've played. Holland Hall has had its ups and downs but they do have some players. Neither one seems to be playoff bound, but those kids don't care either way. Just
gonna go out and play! HOLLAND HALL
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