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Re: Stand out players
« on: August 24, 2022, 04:25:57 pm »
Thereís a ton of talent in this grade. Off the top of my head, these are the players we have game planned around from last year or two.

Maverick and the whole TYAA Red line. We were unsuccessful haha. Maverick is gonna be a special player and like I said last year, those big 6A Tulsa schools need to be recruiting him right now.

Giddens off Bixby Blue. When he finally gets to play behind Bixby Redís size, yikes.

Za and Ryver from Glenpool Blue. We broke 3 plays against Glenpool that I thought were scores and Za chased all of them down.

Jeter and Tytan from Coweta Black. The kids can flat out stick you and Jeter is never out of the play.

Bubby and Baxter off Muskogee. You have to account for where they are every play. If not, youíll catch an oops.

Chino from Union. Probably the fastest kid weíve seen. Donít let him get the edge.

Choctaws wide receivers are huge and fast. You have to apply pressure on the qb and not let him get a throw off or theyíre dangerous.

Iím gonna leave Owasso Red players off here since we finally get to play them this year and I donít wanna tip our hand to Owasso Joe 😉 but they have special players there also.

Should be an exciting year and good luck to all in week 1!
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