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Re: Semifinal matchups
« on: November 05, 2019, 12:08:55 pm »
Glenpool 9-2 @ Norman Twolves 11-0- What a matchup! I feel like having played both teams recently I should have some better insight as to who will win this ballgame, but that mental info has just muddied the waters a bit.  Norman has an array of talent in their backfield, #1, #24, #14, and #82. #50 aint no slouch in the WR spot as well.  Their line is well coached and they do what they do, at a very high level.  Glenpool has their own arsenal in #1, #5, #21, #12, #3, but they may have the howitzer in Mr Mayo himself. #2 is a game changer, and he can take over when needed.

I have the utmost respect for the coaches and players on both teams.  I do think that Glenpool will have to overcome some questionable calls in key situations, and that if #2 gets bottled up then that could make it hard to level the playing field and give Norman the advantage.  I think the professor has done his homework on the 6-2 front and that they break a couple big ones to win in a close one.  Glenpool 20-13

Bixby Red 7-4 @ BA Black 11-0- Another slobberknocker on the docket here! These two know each other all too well, although both squads have changed some players/coaches to an extent.  I think this year has been an amazing year for both teams, yet two different trajectories have brought them to the semi-finals.

BA Black is unmatched in their overall line play across the league, and the misdirection combined with how they hit every hole at 100% is almost impossible to stop.  Don't know if they have been hiding their secret weapon all year but #14 is a serious athlete.  What's crazy is they have been dominant all season and hes barely touched the rock.  I'm not sure anyone has the answer for these guys and being two time runnersup no one is more motivated to finally grab that gold ball.

Big Red looked healthy in their game against the champs, with some fortuitous bounces going their way.  Against Silver they were sloppy and I hope they have that cleaned up tonight.  My heart says Big Red but it also told me to pick the Giants last night.  Gotta take BA BLACK- 22-12

Bishop Kelley 9-1 @ Collinsville 9-1- BK I tip my cap to you, and say I'm humbled that I haven't been on your bandwagon.  You guys look like the real deal and I won't be the least bit surprised by an upset here.  That being said, and I've been saying this all year, but the collinsville cardinals will be playing A ball next season and competing to win. Colinsville - 20-7

Berryhill 9-2 @ Verdigris 9-2  (Verdy won 13-7)- My boy Roller already in the ship probably designing all sorts of statue of liberty plays and whatnot.  Hope its a redbird finally!
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