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Re: Semifinal matchups
« on: November 05, 2019, 10:29:29 am »
Bishop Kelley 9-1 @ Collinsville 9-1- HUGE matchup with a title berth on the line! This game totes the top 2 defenses in AA, as well as the #1 and #3 offenses. BK is a fumble inside their own 4 of being undefeated. Really solid bunch! This is also a rematch from week 6, where the Comets won 8-6. Their QB runs the offense well. Their running backs are underrated. They run hard and with a purpose. Their line does their job. Defensively they never miss assignments. Also having a kicker at their disposal is such a valuable weapon in these types of games. Collinsville will be ready for the challenge though! They have only allowed 3 scores all year, two of which came from kick returns. I have total respect for BK, but these birds have their eyes on the prize, and you are in their way of achieving their ultimate goal! Ready for a battle! Let's play!!!!