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Re: Semifinal matchups
« on: November 04, 2019, 11:21:55 am »
Bixby Red 7-4 @ BA Black 11-0- These two have gotten quite familiar with one another over these last few years. This will be the 4th matchup in 3 years, with BA holding the 2-1 advantage. But that one Bixby got was a big one! They played most recently week 7 of this season, with BA winning 16-0. Those two scoring drives were hard fought and well earned. Just like Bixby's game with Jenks, you can toss out the records here, as they don't mean squat. Both have talented kids, and the interior line play will be some of the best you will see at the 5th grade level. The BA coaches really do their homework. With that said, I really expect a huge performance from BA in this one. Statement game. BA BLACK 32-6.
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