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Preseason Top 10 in alphabetical order

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BA Gold- I think their 2 tailbacks are in the Tokyo Olympics and the QB can throw.
BA White- the QB can throw really well and that #4 is a great athlete.
Bixby White- adding #49 from Glenpool is huge for Bixby White.
Claremore- they have some really good football players on that team. They won the PST and the Claremore kids did well in the Sooner classic.
Collinsville- #24 at DT never takes a play off..the QB can throw and if #36 can ever run the ball look out.
Choctaw Gold- donít know much about them but they play people tough
Glenpool- they lose #49, but #4, #33 and #99 are still there.
Jenks Maroon- they have Johnny Manziel at QB and they added a speedy tailback
Jenks Silver- #9 is wirey and fast. Donít let him get past the LOS or heís gone.
Skiatook- this team is built really with a big line and great skill kids.
I may be way off on this top 10 because kids move to other schools, but itís all for fun. Good luck this season.

Nice. Iíd move Glenpool out and slide A Union team or Verdigris if they back up to A. Still have Stillwater and Tyaa .
Glenpool is like a basketball mid-major last couple years. Kids move out to the big schools but no one ever moves in. Our loss your gain I guess.
Look out AA. Berryhill got their freight train RB back this year

BK 99 you ain't fooling nobody hahah you guys still have too many athletes for me to believe this  8) 8)

Verdigris is A this year. They are top 10.

Claremore looked good today


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