Author Topic: 5th Grade INFC A Championship  (Read 831 times)

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Re: 5th Grade INFC A Championship
« on: November 09, 2019, 08:10:24 pm »
Hats off to Steve his coaches Mr Mayo, Legend, and crew!  What an amazing staff and team all class.  Two extra point kicks is only difference in the two games we battled this year.  Games were as evenly matched as they come.  Glenpool has lots of fans on BABlack!🙌🏼
Wanted to give some props to my coaching staff they do a great job preparing our boys each and every week.  They are responsible for teaching and developing theses kids! Special thanks to my sons for putting this team together and not only keeping straight with alignments but keeping me in check!
Now for my players what can I say but wow you guys are so smart, so tough, nothing fancy just execute as good as Iíve seen youth execute.  No selfish me players each and everyone of you sacrifice for the team.  Had four new starters, all three championships had different Qb had at least two new backs each year.  Last years QB started on the offensive line all year as the second smallest player on team yet through a TD pass to win Semis to get us to Championship.  Had a first year player kick like no ones business and a first year player wait patiently all year long only to carry us through the playoffs.  My veteran players played their tales off with offensive line play all year with Mr. Betts and Mr. Floyd carrying the load all year long.  To the kid that has to take the most criticism from this old coach #1 the Qb Way to lead this team all year long!
Thanks for the battles with all you awesome teams and from our entire coaching staff we appreciate all you do for your boys!!
In till next year I would prefer to be identified as Happy Feet!!😊
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