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Week 2 scrimmage recap
« on: August 20, 2022, 10:43:01 pm »
With the second and final week of scrimmages coming to a close, what did everyone gather today? I was only able to attend the 10am coweta session. Iíll give my analysis in a separate comment.

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Re: Week 2 scrimmage recap
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2022, 11:45:18 pm »
Iíll give you mine

Coweta 6-8
Skiatook- They looked pretty good on defense.  Offense struggled but seemed to do better as the scrimmages went on

Bixby White- I came away pretty impressed with this team. Theyíre a little smaller but really really scrappy. They flow to the ball well and the QB can play!! Theyíll definitely be in the hunt to win their division.

Owasso Black- Defense is going to give some teams fits. They have two DUDES up front that keep coming after you. I liked #6 a lot last year and they have another bigger kid that is just as good.

BA Chrome- They have some really nice players that would come hit you. Iím interested to see where this team ends up at the end of the season.

Union Red- I didnít really get to see this team play. But they pass the eye test and a couple of people in the stands were telling me they have a safety that plays downhill.

Fort Gibson- We definitely have some things I think we need to get fixed but like where we are.

Coweta 8-10
Hilldale- Definitely another team thatís a front runner in AA. Your CBís better be ready. They can sling it. Had some really good scrimmages on D but ran into a little buzz saw at the end (LC)

LC- QB play was really good.  Lots of roll outs and nice quick pass plays. They even mixed in some option. Coach Wolf had that O looking legit. Defense gave quite a few teams some fits. Definitely going to be a tough draw for everyone on their schedule.

Coweta White- they have a kid, I believe #24, if he sees daylight ITS OVER.

Collinsville- They had me a little confused. The one scrimmage I got to watch them ( vs. Hilldale). They were getting beat pretty good. Then they put their first string D in late in the scrimmage. They definitely gave the Hornets some fits after that. They have some nice players that arenít scared to hit.

Jenks Maroon- I really didnít get to see them that much. But I did watch a little of their offense. They have a QB that plays really well and a RB that likes to hit those off tackle runs and pick up some nice yardage.

SS Black- All I can say is our Division is loaded!! #20 and #24 can play!! And that defense just keeps coming at you. Offensively I seen they like to toss it around and did a pretty dang good job of it.

Good luck to all the teams.

Can we please get schedules?!?!?


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Re: Week 2 scrimmage recap
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2022, 10:44:59 am »
I didn't get to see as many teams this week since my 1st grade team also participated. This is my take on what I saw in no particular order.

LC - We ran defense against these guys in our last set. They looked really good and we didn't. They ran an uptempo offense and they ran it extremely well. They played really good clean football, ran very hard, and threw/caught the ball well.We didn't tackle as well as we normally do and took some bad angles on a few plays. Those things do not work in your favor against a team like LC. The jump ball to the WR in the red zone is nice. I feel like we could give them a better look than we did, but hats off to them as I feel like they are probably the 2nd best team I got to see thru the 1st 2 weeks this year just under Bixby Blue (I haven't seen everyone or got to see enough of some teams). Great job by their coaching staff. Excited to seem them vs Ft Gibson, Tyaa Red, SS Black, and Muskogee.

Sand Springs Black - Probably the 3rd best team we played this Preseason. There is a clear divide between Black and Gold. We ran defense against these guys and they look good. We faired a little better than we did against LC, but we were both fresh so who knows. #24 is a STUD and I like what the way they were running things offensively. There are going to be some great matchups in D3 and 2 good teams are going to get left out because of it.  SS can hold their own tho no doubt.

Jenks Maroon - Having ran offense against them in Week 1 they were a little more prepared for us when we ran O against them Week 2. We didn't help matters much dropping a few passes and missing on a few others, but upfront they they look good defensively. We had a ball issue this set we found out afterwards and there were a few instances where extra players were either running onto the field during a play or kept in the back with coaches. You don't normally see that on a defensive set, but I don't think it was done intentionally at all. I think it just kinda happened, but it was an issue a few times. In any instance I think this team is going to get better as the season goes on and has the possibility to sneak up on a few teams if they don't come correct.

Collinsville - This group has some good looking kids. They are a tough, hard nosed team that will come hit you in the mouth. After swapping out balls we ran our 2nd set of offense against these guys. I was told the HC of their HS was running the team so I definitely look for them to continue to improve as the season goes on. I didn't notice any mass subs between a 1st and 2nd team D in our set, but they did have a good number of kids.

Rejoice - Got to lay my eyes on these guys. They have some impressive looking kids and look good upfront on Defense. I didn't get to watch an offensive set, but I think they are going to be formidable as the season goes on.

Bishop Kelley - These guys look like a scrappy little bunch. Got to watch them run defense against Catoosa. They got a little speed and are just like I said, they are scrappy.

Catoosa - I git to watch these guys run O against BK and they looked good. It appears  as tho they picked up some size to go with those skill guys. Couldn't tell if they still have the twins, but they may surprise a few teams.

Hilldale - We had some decent moments, but wasn't consistent enough. We did have the ball issue in the Maroon set and some of us were gassed in the LC set, but that is all part of it. We have to be better. All 4 teams in our set gave us great looks and they were all good teams. We came away a better team for having lined up against them. All of the coaches were great and are doing great jobs with their respective teams. Really wishing I would have got to see Metro, but they didn't scrimmage either week.

Best of luck to you all going forward..