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Our season came to an end last night in the semifinals. It’s been a hell of a ride. Our boys showed a lot of improvement this year. We started the PST strong, but Bixby White hurry up offense caught our boys completely off guard. Lost to them by yardage in OT. We’ve played Claremore three times in less than a month. We got them the first two, but they got us when it mattered the most. Two well coached, disciplined teams are in the ship.

Here’s my prediction:

Bixby White - very limited on their plays, but damnit, those plays get the job done. I like it. 14, 28, 44 will definitely keep their feet moving. 55 and 33 are bulldozers on both sides of the ball.

Claremore - you have to defend the entire field against them because they use all their weapons. 32, 24, 44, and 18.....what can I say, they’re ballers. 17 on defense will lay the hat every play.

It should be a good game to watch, but think Claremore pulls it out 13-7

Congrats to both teams.

Y’all got some beasts on that squad

Their #4 impressed me a lot. For as big as that kid is he can move

--- Quote from: Dropback on November 11, 2020, 09:27:54 pm ---Y’all got some beasts on that squad

--- End quote ---

#4 on Muskogee is probably what Warren Sapp looked like when he was in 4th grade. Unblockable and can run sideline to sideline. You better put your head on swivel when you play him.


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