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Glenpool vs Jenks Silver

I am a firm believer in the fact that to be the champ you must beat the champ which is what silver intends to do.

We will bring all we got tomorrow and see if itís enough to knock of the champs.

Good luck to both teams. Stay safe and healthy.

Jenks Silver 18
Glenpool 7

Good luck and hope everyone stays healthy!!!
Hope we can hold ya to 18

Honestly I just hope it is a good game


--- Quote from: jk07 on November 13, 2020, 12:45:20 pm ---Honestly I just hope it is a good game

--- End quote ---

The boys will do their best to give you one. You all have been cruising all season. Hopefully better than the Collinsville Game. I saw the Jenks pole vault periscope filming apparatus down in the SE corner that game.

Congrats to Jenks Silver and Glenpool. #1 and #3 my second half of the season.  Both great squads but I'd personally say that Glenpool as a team brings more physicality than Jenks Silver. Jenks #9 is very impressive but I believe Glenpool will pull it off. Good luck to both!


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