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2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« on: August 06, 2022, 08:35:13 am »
It's that time of year where we get to make people mad by making feeble attempts to predict who belongs where and why. I will get our grade kicked off the right way just to get some chatter going. All of these teams in the top 10 have great coaching and great kids. This has just always been fun for me as I love to talk football and I am such a huge fan of these kids.

1. Bixby Blue - 2x defending champs. I know they lost at least 1 huge part of their team, but they are more than 1 player. The gap may have closed a little or they may have picked up some great additions. Only time will tell.

2. Tyaa Red - Rumor is they lost a huge coach off of their coaching staff. I don't personally know if they did for sure or if it will matter, but I thought that they were the best team in the grade last year. When it comes to any Tyaa team the rich always seems to get richer because they have so many studs over there. Always been a huge fan personally.

3. Choctaw Blue - You could make the argument that they deserve the #2 spot and I wouldn't fault you. Coach Mac makes tremendous adjustments and his teams play physical. I expect nothing to change this year and full expect them to be one of the final 4 standing this time 3 months from now.

4. BA Gold - Speed and more speed. These guys made an impressive showing in the playoffs and I expect them to be even better this year.

^^^^ These 4 teams should be at the top of  each Division if there is only 4. Not sure if there will be 4 or 5 A ball Divisions, but remember this year we add in AA to the mix.

5. Ft Gibson - For me I could easily put the Fort in the Top 4 teams going in. QB is an absolute STUD and they know how to get the best out of their kids coaching wise. Heard they picked up a nice player or 2 and that never hurts either. Expect them to make some noise this year.

6. Glenpool - Chaney and co picked up some rally nice additions to an already good team. 1 of those additions will be HUGE on both sides of the ball IMO. They also picked up some more great help coaching wise and it will not shock me in the least to see them standing tall at the end of the year. The guys can absolutely do it if everything progresses as it appears it will.

7. Lincoln Christian - These guys are going to be legit once again. I actually expect that they will be even better this year thanks. Super physical up front with kids who really enjoy putting the opposition on their butts.  Add to that the experience their coach has and it is a no brainer to say the sky is the limit for these guys.. This LC team is the real deal.

8. Bixby Red - Bixby had a great year as year and I expect that to continue this year. These guys just continue to get better. I hear Bixby will have 3 teams this year so I am interested how the draft went for each team. If Red picked up another stud to tote the rock they will be a terror to play.

9. Muskogee - Featuring 1 of the more dynamic players in this grade at QB this Muskogee team can play with just about anyone. I was on the fence in BA last year when they played Bixby Blue and that game was a lot closer in the 1st half than the final score will lead you to believe. They competed and it honestly surprised me. I wasn't surprised because I thought Muskogee wasn't good, but I just thought the gap between Blue and the rest was that big. Blue did end up running away, but I was impressed with how well Muskogee competed in that 1st half. They belonged and they belong in the Top 10.

10. Bartlesville Blue - You could put any number of teams in this spot and I won't argue, but this Blue team has one of the fastest kids in this grade in #27 and some nice pieces to compliment him. If I was on this team I would have done everything in my power to get #34 off of White to come over and link up. If that did happen then Bartlesville will be much higher on my list. That kid is nice on both sides of the ball, but he is also legit 1 of the best LB's I have seen at such a young age.

On the bubble:
Sand Springs

All in fun and EPO. I am usually a convo starter and I know we are all chomping at bit to get started. Throw yours out and let's have some fun. Best of luck to you all this year and most importantly I just pray that none of these kids get hurt, that they all progress as young men/athletes, and that everyone has the safest of travels throughout the season. Thank you all for stepping up to be leaders for these young men.

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Coach butler

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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2022, 06:59:04 pm »
I guess I'll throw one out there got nothing else to do lol.

1.Bixby blue-2× champs 🏆 that's all.

2.Choctaw blue- made it all the way didn't give up a touchdown till the championship and that was only 1 they are legit no question.

3.Tyaa Red- Very legit team all over great group of coaches and players can't wait to see them on the field again.

4.BA Gold- Super legit made it to final 4 and now like everyone knows by now I'm with them great coaches and great players we gonna try and move up this list 👏.

5.Ft. Gibson- Very solid team well coached and with #6 on the field he can make it happen and with some most likely legit additions gonna be tougher.

6.Lincoln Christian- Always every year a top team always tough and also has a great coach.

7.Glenpool- Solid team with solid players great new edition gonna be super tough this year.

8.Tyaa blue- Blue Dawgz!! Never count them out never doubt them always a tough game with this group.

9.Bixby Red- Solid team they did great last year 👏 put up a fight against Lincoln Christian could be even better this year never know!!!

10.Muskogee- With #4 #7 and #23 on the field they always a threat at all times good coaches still love these boys always and hope they have a great season.

It's in all fun like Shaffer said of course this gonna change probably throughout the season like always hope everyone stays safe and healthy looking forward to a great season and like everyone wants shooting for that championship. On the fence
Sand springs very tough group of kids could easily be top 10.
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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2022, 07:44:52 pm »
Nice!! I like the projections. Here’s the way I see it, agree or disagree. 

1. Bixby Blue- No explanation needed
2. Choctaw Blue- I’ve seen them on film. They’re legit for sure!!
3. FTG- I usually don’t rank my boys this high but I feel like since our only two losses in the INFC have come from Bixby Blue then we deserve it.
4. Tyaa Red- move them up to two or three and you’re not going to get much of an argument from me.
5.  BA Gold- they’ve added some pieces to be a serious contender.  I like what they’re doing and I’m ready to see there product translate to the field.
6. Glenpool- always a serious contender and they keep adding pieces to make them better.
7. LC- Really good team and really good coaches.
8. Sand Springs- gritty tough team. Can easily surprise any team above.
9. Muskogee- so much talent on this team. They’ll surprise a lot of teams.
10. Bixby Red- A really good regular season last year. I think they make another playoff run this year.

Good luck to all the teams and coaches this year.


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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2022, 10:38:37 pm »
Nice list guys! I am going to throw out the
 scores from last year that matter most to me when making this list as I had a few reach out to me to ask why I had it like I did..

 I would also like to point out that I mistakenly left Tyaa up out of my Top 10. That was an error on my part and I got lost in my editing.  Tyaa Blue is without a doubt a Top 10 team in this grade.

Tyaa Red - 24
Bixby Blue - 0

Tyaa Red - 20
BA Gold - 0

Choctaw Blue - 18
Tyaa Red - 0

Bixby Blue - 26
Ft Gibson - 0

Bixby Blue - 35
BA Gold - 0

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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2022, 11:36:17 pm »
I can’t argue with any of that….2031 is loaded with talented players and coaches…

Get Your Popcorn Ready…


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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #5 on: August 07, 2022, 09:28:04 pm »
Football Season is back!!! Excited to see what comes of the year. Can't wait to see what teams have grown over the year and progressed into better football players. If I remember correctly, nobody had us in the top 10 for the first half of the season last year, will there be a team like that this year? I hope so.

1. Bixby Blue until they lose in the playoffs
2. TYAA Red - Loss to Choctaw last year were in terrible conditions and they had to drive the hour and a half on a weekday. We played and lost to all 3 other semifinal teams and Red was the most physical. Excited to see them going forward
3. Choctaw Blue - Good coaching has them being probably the most technically sound team. I was personally a little skeptical how going into the 3rd grade draft how one team goes undefeated not allowing a TD and the other goes winless and not scoring a TD. They are stacked though and will go deep in the playoffs every year.
4. BA Gold - I'll put us here. Everyone knows about our speed by now and we have added another one and got one back that was hurt most of last year. Also got Butler from the Gee. We need to progress and get better in some key areas to be able to compete with the three above us though.
5. Glenpool - Heard Kingston left Bixby and moved into Glenpool schools. That never hurts. Also heard they had a few more move ins. I think they can give any of the top 4 teams a run for their money.
6. TYAA Blue - They were a physical team last year with some great athletes. Everyone talks about Red but these boys know how to win as well. I think they will be ready to play this year and come out fighting.
7. Bixby Red - This is a team that has a bunch of good athletes, just doesn't have the 1 stand out kid that everyone talks about having to stop. They play a team game and are in the right spot most of the time. They were tough in the playoffs. We will see how their draft went come scrimmages and go from there.
8. Ft. Gibson - Saw them play once last year against Bixby Blue, which will make anyone look bad, including us. But I only saw QB right, QB left, QB scramble. The kid is a stud but also heard he turns 11 during the football season. Not sure about that though. I think we are getting into more of a team game and we will see teams starting to be able to contain him.
9. The Gee - Has the athletes to beat anyone. Only saw them play that 1st half against Bixby Blue last year. They can run with anyone, just need to see if they can bring it together as a team.
10. Sand Springs - They went to 2 teams this year, still not sure how they did one team last year. But I'm putting them here thinking the coaches got together and agreed to put a team together that will compete for the division. Who knows though

All in good fun and just my opinion. Hope I don't upset anyone if I left your team off or didn't put your team higher. There will be teams that nobody mentioned yet that come out of nowhere to surprise people. I think there will be a few that make the playoffs this year that didn't last year as well. Let's make our kids better football players this year.


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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #6 on: August 08, 2022, 12:26:23 pm »
Choctaw Blue - Good coaching has them being probably the most technically sound team. I was personally a little skeptical how going into the 3rd grade draft how one team goes undefeated not allowing a TD and the other goes winless and not scoring a TD. They are stacked though and will go deep in the playoffs every year.

It’s called stacking a team!!!!
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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2022, 05:28:59 pm »
Haha I see we hurt some feelings. If you pay attention like you guys say you do you will see our Gold staff is no longer coaching that team. As many have said “coached well” when you break down teams then you know how important that can be. We will see how the new staff with same players (adding a few) does this season.
It’s not hard to seem stacked when you have the HC and his son QB changing the play at the line plus the Defensive Coordinator for a 6A HS team running your squad. Not to mention I have a decent running back (my son) and 2 of the best lineman in the game. With those 4 kids as we all know it’s easy to win young. We are getting into real football now so we shall see how we hold up this year. Coaching and adjustments will be just as important as players. You can’t win with 3 studs and no one knowing how to adjust to what teams are doing. I would say we won the important games last year on coaching as much as talent. We out coached some of y’all plain and simple.

BaTiger you made that same drive and didn’t do any better. That’s a horrible excuse!! Maybe it was the weekday that got TYAA!! Haha

I don’t talk much and won’t probably the rest of the year but figured I would come say hello. Lol
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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #8 on: August 09, 2022, 11:47:09 pm »
1, 2 & 3 IMO is a toss up. Bixby Blue 2X Champs & has only lost 1 game in 2 years, but it was to the Red Dawgs 24-0. Choctaw Blue beat the Red Dawgs, but the Red Dawgs starting QB got hurt in warm ups & only played 5 snaps in the entire game. Choctaw Blue has only lost to Bixby Blue.

4. BA Gold

5. Ft. Gibson

6. LC

7. Glenpool

8. TYAA Blue

9. Sand Springs

10. Muskogee


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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #9 on: August 10, 2022, 12:14:28 am »
Love this grade there is so much talent all the way around.

Single A

1. Bixby Blue - They are the champs and they added some talent on there line.  They did lose a key player, but they are still the champs!!!!
2. Choctaw Blue - They have proved they deserve to be here. Definitely one of the top coaching staffs in the grade as well as 3 of the top kids in the grade.
3. TYAA Red - Talent everywhere they have something to prove this year not going to be easy game going through them.
4. Glenpool - We got better will see if everyone can mesh come playoff time.  Are division definitely isn't a cake walk at all. 
5. Lincoln Christian - Another team that is going to have something to say this year.  There coach will get to focus on this group as his older group have moved up to school ball after winning 2 in a row.
6. FT Gibson - Another great group I'm here added some talent to help #6.  They also are another team that has great coaches that know the game.
7. TYAA Blue - This team has also got better this year. They also added a great coach to there staff to help out that really knows the game.
8. BA Gold - This group added another good player to there team.  They defiantly got the best draw out of the top 10 teams.  They will go 9-0 in the regular season.
9. Muskogee - From what I hear they lost a good one to BA.  They are very talented and don't have to worry about all the numbers this year. 
10. Sand Springs Black- This group won't have to worry about 28 kids and they should get back to winning form.  There division is a tough one though. 

Double AA Only doing the top 6 cause they only have 12 teams.

1. Hilldale - This group I know has got better.  Shaffer will have these boys ready and I expect him to make some noise this year.
2. Berryhill - Great group of kids as well they have one of the best lineman in the grade.  They also have a very tough quarterback as well.
3. Sapulpa -  This group could be at 1 or 2.  Don't know how they got to double AA with making the playoffs last year, but look for them to make some noise in AA this year.
4. Verdigris - This group is scrappy and have some good players. Look for them to make some noise in double AA as well.
5. Coweta White - This group will get better and better each year I see them making some noise as well.
6. Holland Hall - Don't know anything about them, but Holland hall has a great program over there so that why I put them here.

Division TUL 1
On paper this is the second hardest division in my opinion.  There will be a team left out of this division that if they were in Division TUL2 they could possibly win it or be 2nd for sure.  there is 5 teams in this division that had a winning record last year.  Also 2 newly formed teams as well with BA Chrome and Yellow Jackets. Record from last season are beside each team.

BROKEN ARROW CHROME (Newly formed team I believe from what I have heard)
TULSA YELLOWJACKETS (Newly formed team)

Division TUL2
Out of the 3 A ball division this one has the easiest schedule thats for sure.  Gold will run away with this one and in my opinion won't be tested til playoffs. They did have the toughest schedule last season, but this year they got an early Christmas present. There is only 3 teams with winning records from last season.  Record from last season are beside each team.

SAND SPRINGS GOLD (6-4)(This team has separated and Black is the team I hear has the best kids)

Division TUL3
This division on paper has the toughest division.  There are 2 teams that will be left out of the playoffs that could possibly win TUL2 and defiantly would make the playoffs in that division. This one also has 5 teams that had winning record last season. This division is going to be a tough one. Record from last season are beside each team.

BROKEN ARROW BLACK (3-6)( Think this team along with chrome has been shook up from what I'm hearing)
FT. GIBSON (10-1)
SAND SPRINGS BLACK (6-4)(This team has separated and Black is the team I hear has the best kids)
TYAA RED (10-1)

Division OKC1
This division will be won by Choctaw Blue hands down. I look for Yukon and Edmond to be the other two team that make it out of this division. Record from last season are beside each team.

MOORE ( New team)

Division OKC2
Don't Know much about any of these team but on paper it looks like Norman, Edmond, and Yukon looks like they will be the ones to make it out of this division. Record from last season are beside each team.

BETHANY (New Team)
NORMAN (5-4)

Division TULAA1
I look for Sapulpa or Verdigris to win this one.  Catoosa lost a great coach, Bixby is new, Comets are new, and Metro is also new.  Look forward to seeing how this all plays out. Record from last season are beside each team.

BIXBY WHITE (New team)
JR. COMETS (New team)

Division TULAA2
I look For Hilldale to win this division with Berryhill coming in 2nd, and Coweta white being in 3rd. If you look at Hilldale schedule from last year man they were in a tough division.   This one will be interesting. Record from last season are beside each team.

REJOICE (New team)

All in good fun can't wait to get are scrimmage schedules.  Should be a great year I hope everyone stays healthy this year.  Also safe travels to all!!!!

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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #10 on: August 10, 2022, 07:14:29 am »
Some of y’all weak coaches top 10 is a joke 😂😂😂, how can you be a preseason top 10 team with no top 10 wins from the previous year but we will see this year good luck coaches
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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2022, 09:46:17 am »
Lol Top 10's are always subject to ridicule and always a fun way to get conversations started. For me it is pretty easy to have somewhat of an accurate Top 10 based on the playoff teams from last year. The more accurate thing to do is probably put out  Top 4 or 5 of the only teams that have a legit chance to win it all because there isn't anymore than that that have a realistic shot IMO solely because there is such a broad gap between the Top 5 or 6 and the rest. It's always all in fun. Having said that it also always really cracks me up because of the number of coaches who supposedly don't care about the Forum or what is said on it, but much like a tweaker pulling down window blinds every 5 seconds can't seem to stop checking to see what is said and  seem to get offended by what a bunch of us   losers think. The beauty of it all is that at the end of the day it will all work itself out. I love this time of year tho! Good luck to you all!

Rushing k

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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #12 on: August 10, 2022, 11:08:25 am »
Choctaw said we just looks stack to y'all because we kicking your a$$
That's what he really telling y'all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bring them boys to the tyaa scrimmage we need to get pushed around a little bit
And anybody else (ba gold) 😂who ain't scared to come get this work pull up!!!
And it's free

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Coach Washington

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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #13 on: August 10, 2022, 11:22:19 am »
1. Bixby blue - 2x champs
2. Choctaw blue- Great team and coaching staffs #16 is a dog
3. BA Gold- Speed kills
4. Ft Gibson- #6 is a dog
5. Lincoln Christian - Solid team plus coach Wolf
6. Glenpool- Melo is a dog with big heart with some dogs around him
7. TYAA blue- added some key pieces they will move up fast
8. Sand Spring Black- numbers low with some studs
9. Muskogee or Bixby Red- I didn’t see Bixby red play so I didn’t know where to rank them
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Re: 2022 Preseason Top 10 Breakdown
« Reply #14 on: August 10, 2022, 11:44:43 am »
Coach Rushing you know what it is with me but it ain’t on me, but we can set something up in the season tho we need extra work with a top dawg