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« on: September 08, 2022, 09:25:27 am »
  Why INFC do you have a weight limit rule that is unfair? INFC you want let a child play with their  friends, classmates or family  because of their size. You force what I call babies to cut weight like they are wrestlers. You have kids who have never played football before, play up with older kids who have years of experience. Is this not a danger issue? Everyone who has coached in youth football knows age and just 1 year experience makes a big difference in this game. You want let a child that is five pounds or five ounces over your weight limit play within their own age bracket or grade. You will though let a child that is a year older or even more play within in a group of kids that are younger. Is this fair? I ask again.  Why INFC? I have watched kids for 10years now in your league be degraded at the scales having to weigh in half naked because of a few ounces or pounds. I have watched kids who practice all week trying to make a certain unfair weight limit come to the scales on Saturday mornings and can't play. This breaks their heart and spirit. Some of these babies are just born to be big people.
  INFC you continue to break their hearts and put them in danger by making them play up or not get to play at all. Since the beginning of football there has not been weight requirement to play. This is a rule that is set up to protect the smaller kids at the expense of a bigger child. INFC you have two Divisions let those who are not physically able to compete with a larger kid play in your AA Division. Make that a Division for the smaller children and less experienced players whose parents are afraid for there child being hurt. We all know that the none AA group is a competitive group. If it wasn't you would not keep score. I have had a player not be able to run the ball during a playoff game because the INFC said he had on the wrong attire. He had weighed in all year with the same shorts and was even allowed to weigh in on his first try with those shorts. After using the restroom and coming back for a second weigh in and making weight, he was told he had on the wrong type of shorts. He then was marked with a stripe like he was some type of animal or slave being branded. This effected the whole team and the outcome of the game. Why INFC? Why do you mark and separate these babies as if they have some type of disease. You don't give X's or Stripes to the smaller kids denoting he or she is a smaller kid. These kids want to run and play like any other child but you discriminate against them because of there size. I coach child right now who is only in the third grade but has an issue with your weight limit. He is at practice everyday. He goes to private workouts but can not make your weight limitation. He does not have the physical talent or know how to compete in the next grade up. He will get destroyed. Why is he being punished INFC? His parents have paid all the fees but their son can only be a water boy for his friends or play up and get his head knocked off. Why INFC do you make rules or have rules to help some and degrade others. Come to a game where you know there are bigger kids on team and look into their face and watch how they hide their bodies and are ashamed of what they have to do. Why INC? This breaks my heart.   
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Re: Why INFC?
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2022, 01:54:19 pm »
I have never seen a kid at a "healthy" weight be to heavy to play in their grade.
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