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Re: Week 3 scores
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2022, 03:53:13 pm »
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BA Golds offense is TERRIBLE!!!!! The Play calling is easy to figure out! will be a long season for them if they cant get it figured out. Easy to beat just stack the line they only run outside. they have a solid defense thats why they are 2-1. Figure you offense out!!!!

Gotta love the 1 post wonders, jumping on here to spew hate!  My assumption is that this is a disgruntled parent (def not a coach), that doesn't understand how difficult it is to Coach youth football, with 22 different positions, plus special teams, etc.  But, man are they experts from the stands and couch!  Spend the countless hours at practice with these 3rd graders, and you will maybe understand how difficult it really is.  Until then, please be grateful other people are investing so much time and energy into these young men.

Don't sweat this BA or Claremore, these types of people are a waste of your time and energy!
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