Author Topic: USA Today/AP/CBS Sports/INFC Coaches & Parents 3rd Grade Power Rankings (End or regular season)  (Read 472 times)

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EPO!! Well That wraps up another regular season in the books and now its on to Playoffs for some and PST for others But before we go, one last ranking. As lockwood would say, "Here it is in all it's glory"

1.   Broken Arrow White (9-0 Defending Champs! Division 2 Champs! In a tuff division all year and kept putting up the Wís. This is familiar territory for them these next few weeks. Playing the winner of South Tulsa & Skiatook out the gate.)
2.   Collinsville (9-0 Runner ups, looking for that rematch. Division 4 Champs! These boys have grinded all season. SOLID D, Impressive O, well-disciplined team with one goal in mind! No stranger to big time games and looks like we have them this postseason #DEMBIRDS)
3.   Glenpool (8-0. Division 5 Champs! Can you say 265+ points and 12 allowed. Made it look easy all year as if they were just practicing in games. Great D and an even Better O. Got Verdigris out the gate which Iím hoping can be somewhat of a game considering they have not had one all season when you look at the scores, Iím just saying)
4.   Jenks Maroon (9-0. Division 3 Champs! Can you say 238+ points and 0 allowed. Same as #3. Made it look to easy. Closet game was against South Tulsa. Dynamic team that flyís to the ball. Fun to watch. They have a gritty Sand Springs team out the gate. Hoping for a good game. )
5.   Stillwater (8-0. Division 1 Champs! 2 good non division wins. Cruised through D1 with ease. Beat TYAA Black in a close one week 2 and now they have TYAA White out the gate. Should be a good one.
6.   Skiatook (8-1. Complete package team here. Line, Backs & Coaching. Glad theyíre not on my side of the bracket. Only loss coming from #2 (6-0). Did someone say REMATCH first round. GOTW coming up. Would love to see Skiatook vs BA White so Iím pulling for the Bulldogs, sorry Bdavis)
7.     South Tulsa (6-1 on the Division, 7-2 on the season. Only 2 losses coming from #4 &6 by 7 points combined. Defenders got that rematch they may have been wanting. Should be a good match up as it was before)
8.   BA Gold (8-1. Not sure Choctaw is ready for whatís about to happen but BA looked hungry in the last 3 games following the loss to #3. Looking to make a deep run in the playoffs and Iím sure that rematch with #2)
9.   Grove (6-2. In a tuff division. Only losing to LC and #1. Going up against Bixby White first round.)
10.   Bixby White (6-2. A team that got the job done to punch their ticket to the playoff. Should be a good game between them and Grove.)
11.   Verdigris (6-2. Only loss to #1 & #9)
12.   TYAA White (6-3. If you told me that only TYAA White would make the playoffs and not Black I would have bet against it. TYAA White got it done when it counted and was able to slide into the playoffs)
13.   Sand Springs (5-4. Loses coming from #2, #6 & #5. You play those 3 and tell me what the outcome would be. This is a scrappy team that will wear you down with that offense. They can just eat you up with moving the ball down field. Congrats SS on making the playoffs)
14.   Choctaw (5-3. This is another team that is scrappy. They got BA Gold up which may present more than they can handle but we will see if they can hang with the East)
15.   Westmoore (5-3. Donít know much about this team but becoming real familiar with them these last 24 hours. They can sling the ball around and have kids that can pound it on the ground. I would like to welcome you to Collinsville this week ;D
16.   -20 Claremore, TYAA Black, Jenks Silver, LC, Sequoyah
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Seriously though, great job on these all year.
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Weather is going to be fun for tomorrow night's games
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Nice Rankings MRW. Mine are similar but not quite the same. Changing it up on my opinion of some since the last time I attempted this. Mostly just comparing scores and the eye test with film.

1. BA White
2. Glenpool
3. Jenks Maroon
4. Collinsville
5.Grove - Underrated IMO.
6. Skiatook
7. Stillwater - Maybe they deserve the 5 spot, maybe they don't. Halloween night will tell us more.
8. BA Gold
9. South Tulsa - Struggled with deciding between Gold and the Defenders.
10. Verdigris
11. TYAA White
12. Bixby White
13. Choctaw
14. Sand Springs
15. Westmoore

Some of the last 5 or 6 are a little interchangeable for me and I haven't watched as much film on them to be honest. Feel pretty good about 1-9 though.

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