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PST Round 1 Picks
« on: October 29, 2019, 11:17:52 am »
Glad to see the 15 teams who entered the PST look like some good ones. Seems a little odd that 11 teams would opt out of it, but I get it, sometimes it’s probably parents who are ready to be done and some of it is a distance of drive thing. Looks like no D1 teams entered, all of the remaining D2 teams entered, all of D3 entered except BA Black, 3 from D4 and only 2 from D5. Still some very good football teams left in the PST, and honestly, it’s just more football. Plus, some of the PST teams will get several more football games in than many of the playoff teams. Didn’t try to differentiate between home and away since the games are all pretty much neutral fields. Don’t let some of these records fool you.

4-5 Bixby Blue vs 2-7 Coweta Black – Not sure if these two are happy about playing each other (both D3) again or not, but they already played a tight 7-6 ball game in early October and should be another good one.

4-5 Sequoyah vs 1-8 Catoosa – taking 6th place in D2 probably isn’t what Sequoyah envisioned when the season started but they’ve got some quality wins including one over Lincoln Christian, and played some close losses to Claremore and BA Gold. Catoosa’s got a solid team and looking for redemption over the first time these two faced this year (both D2).

I think the matchmaking in the beginning here could have been better and switched these first 4 teams up so they’d get a look at a non-divisional opponent, but otherwise I think the bracket looks pretty good.

5-4 Lincoln Christian vs 2-7 Owasso Silver – Lincoln Christian looked like they might have had the 2 or 3 spot in D2 for a while but the PST might just be the best thing for this team to get some more wins and confidence.

6-3 Claremore vs 1-8 Bishop Kelley – Tough draw for Bishop Kelley, but good on ya for entering the tournament and getting those boys some more football. Claremore might just be the favorites to walk away with the whole PST.

3-6 Union vs 4-5 Owasso Red – Union already beat an Owasso team in convincing fashion but this is not the same group of kids and won’t go down easily. Hardest pick for me here. Going D4 because I think it was a slightly tougher division than D3. Could be wrong, often am.

5-4 TYAA Black vs 2-7 Wagoner – TYAA Black was one of my way too early Playoff prediction contenders and I think they’ll still make some noise here in the PST for sure. Quality wins over Westmoore and Union.

4-5 Muskogee vs 1-8 Pryor – Both of these teams are better than their records indicate.  Muskogee’s losses were all 8 points or less except for when they faced Glenpool and Pryor is an especially odd one for me, because looking at their record they’re technically the lowest ranked team in D2 yet they never had their scoreboard shut off, always played sound defense and lost by 2 TDs or less to the top 4 teams in D2.

5-4 Jenks Silver - 1st Round Bye

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Re: PST Round 1 Picks
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2019, 12:02:41 pm »
I hate it that we opted out of it,but it does give me 2 extra weeks of basketball practice and preparation,haha... a number of factors lead to us opting out,but the coach in me wants to be gearing up to make some noise... I will get in here and make my picks for both tourneys and anxious to see some of these games...
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Re: PST Round 1 Picks
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2019, 01:20:41 pm »
 I'm picking the Zebras to win it all... GO ZEBRAS BABY!!!!!..  (Showing some love from the 4th grade)
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