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Final Top 10 IMO
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:23:15 pm »
Well folks over and out until next year I suppose-- already missing practice--- but I thought with the grind of the season and seeing how we played a lot of people I would give my final top ten
1. Glenpool-proud of my boys
2. Collinsville-Held us to fewer points than anyone all year (18) and have some great athletes w size
3. Skiatook-Made me real nervous on film with there size and shifty back
4.Ba White- Lost one game and had their best kid hurt. They do a lot of good things
5.Bixby White-Came from our division and got better knocking off one of the best teams.
6. Verdigris-yes I know Grove beat them game 9, but they were the only team to score on our defense-and they have maybe the best tackler in the league on their team
7. Jenks Maroon - Lost one game and gave up 2 tds all year -heck of a season
8. Grove -has one of the best athletes in the grade on their team and had some strange scores throughout but represented well
9.Ba Gold-yes I know they beat Bixby but had a pretty bad loss in the playoffs-but do a good job and have speed everywhere
10. South Tulsa- Could have easily been in that semi final against us- have a great tailback
11-15---Claremore,Tyaa white, Jenks silver,Stillwater,Tyaa black

once again great season and just an opinion

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Re: Final Top 10 IMO
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2019, 10:59:11 am »
Agreed. I would also have Sand Springs in that 11-15
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Re: Final Top 10 IMO
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2019, 08:30:30 pm »
#1 Glenpool.  Havent lost to anything but paperwork in the last 2 years including Sooner
#2 Collimsville runner up 2 years in row and are stacked defensively. Ran into the only D possibly better this season in the finals
#3 Skiatook had the 2nd toughest D behind Collinsville we faced and that game between those two was 6-0. Even full staffed BA White wouldnt have won that game I watched in BA.
#4 Jenks Maroon. Body of work all season puts them here.
#5 BA White #11 being out made a big difference but even full power I feel this is where they fall
#6 Verdigris #44 is a top player in conference and makes it tough. Overall team wise drops them down but he makes a difference. Scored only offensive TD on us all season
#7 Bixby White tough team and can give problems. Saw them inseadon and scrimmage and feel.this a good spot offensively main reason
#8 Claremore Started slow but got it going late. As high as I can put them out of respect
#9 BA Gold slot of speed and we had to gameplan hard for the 2 speed kids. Easy to outcoached
#10 TYAA White. Tough physical team. Not much offensively but will hit you in the mouth
#Honorable mention
#11 Stillwater would have liked to seen then but Tyaa white beat them on the road
#12 Grove Great athlete but couldnt carry them enough
#13 South Tulsa have never been overly impressed by them from scrimmages and tournament results. Losing 44 left them even weaker
#14+ SS /Tyaa White look at our score/ Choctaw  looked slow on film/Je ks Silver  thought they got better every week

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Re: Final Top 10 IMO
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2019, 10:48:21 am »
Great assessment I agree with the rankings it was a fun and mostly competitive year across the board. Some new teams are stepping up and going to be tough to beat as the years move along. Glenpool set the bar high and the rest of us need to step it up to have a chance at knocking them off. So I will put this out there now! If you have a stud athlete that is going into the 4th grade next year move him on up to Skiatook and lets go get that INFC trophy together!!
I am just trying to beat Glenpool to the punch before they recruit all the studs form our grade and put them on one team!!! ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D ::) ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D
All in fun BK99
Sooner classic champs 2019 8) 8)