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Here we are folks. The last 2 games of the 3 grade season and the championship game are upon us. Predictions below..

(TYAA Red) vs Coweta Black

Coweta Black is the only team that was able to keep it close with Red all year. They are big, physical and will control the clock. Red is just too much though. Fast and physical. I predict a similar outcome to the regular season game.

TYAA White at (Hilldale)

Hilldale is a very fundamentally sound football team. They tackle well. Assignment football. TYAA White is athletic but undisciplined. This will be a home game for Hilldale. That will be the difference. Hilldale wins a nail biter and gets to the ship.

Got coweta Black by 6 over Tyaa red

Hilldale vs Tyaa white
They have the same amount of skill players just Hilldale don't have much of a line so it will go overtime with Hilldale win

Thanks CoachDal itís evident that you have TYAA RED on your mind 24-7. THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!!!! Hopefully after this week you will be able to get some sleep and stop having nightmares about TYAA RED!!!!

Ay I only had y'all losing to muskogee & coweta Black lol but ay I seen how y'all did against coweta Black so I know they will be hungry for payback by only losing by a TD are y'all a good solid team hell yea y'all have the best RBs in 3rd grade that can even play with 4th graders but ay look like coweta Black is the only team that can give y'all a good match up

Man we know Redís the champs, hell their like 36-0. We just like playing football.


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