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2021 pre season top 10

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1. Bixby Blue
2. TYAA Blue
3. Lincoln
4. Muskogee
5. TYAA red
6. Glenpool
7. Ft Gibson
8. Sand springs black
9. Skiatook
10.BA Gold

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1. Bixby Blue - CHAMPS
2. Ft. Gibson - Best QB in the grade
3 & 4. TYAA - Doesn’t matter Blue or Red both teams extremely talented & well coached)
5. SS Black - Beat Muskogee in playoffs QB & RBs are legit
6. Lincoln Well coached & 💵 makes timely plays
7. Muskogee - A bunch of dogs

Coach butler:
Season ain't started yet lol we ain't earned top 10 status yet!!

Way too early top 10 might be the better Topic for this. We are going from 8 man to real football. Should prob wait till some scrimmages are played to put together a preseason top 10. Excited to watch the boys play big boy ball!!

That is probably pretty close in one way or another either way. I don't look for Skiatook to be that high up tho. They lost the man who made the wheels turn in my brother Coach Chaney and they lost their best player alo g with a couple of other if I am remembering correctly. I am sure those young men will still do great, but I am not certain that they would remain a top 10 team. I do however agree that this is now 11 man football and everything changes a great deal. Those 3 extra guys on the field and allowing some of these coaches to open up their game plans will be huge. Not to mention that alot of these teams will have changed a great deal. Look for Glenpool to make a lot of noise this year for sure and that Bixby Blue group is still a monster! There are a lot of good teams in this grade and it does nothing, but get harder to win it every year from here on out. Good luck to everyone this season!


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