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Good Luck and Congrats to all the teams who made it this far!

Bixby Blue vs TYAA Blue - This is a rematch I'm sure both teams have been waiting for. Both have gone undefeated this year and the only thing that is tarnishing their record from shining is the Tie that happened between the two when they played earlier in the season. Will be a great matchup for #20 and #7 going at it and it will be fun watching Palmer get after it. I feel if these two teams were on opposite sides of the bracket then they would be meeting in the finals, but that's not to discredit the other two teams that made as far as they have. All 4 teams are very good and deserve to be playing as they have earned it. This will be a nail biter to the end, but I'm going to have to go with Bixby Blue here. They have the team to knock the champs off and have had a lot of time to prepare themselves. TYAA Blue won't be easy to knock out of the way though as they're definitely talented everywhere and one of the hardest hitting teams out there. Rushing going to have to be able to put some points up on the boards here to get the win as Bixby is a scoring machine. Bixby Blue wins here 19-13

Lincoln Christian vs Fort Gibson - Looking at the road these two teams took to get here I bet a few teams wish they were on that same path. Fort Gibson has done a great job this year coming into this grade and making an impression. #6 is a great player and has earned the respect of many through out the league. I think they have had the easiest path so far to the Semi-Finals, but they can only play what is put in front of them. Lincoln Christian had a very easy path as well with the exception of playing TYAA Red. The win over Red was a great win and one that I wasn't expecting. Congrats to them on their journey to the semi's as they're definitely the Dark Horse in this race. Picking this game is tough as it could go either way in my eyes, but I'm going with Lincoln Christian as the Dark Horse. Fort Gibson has the better player, but Lincoln has the better all around team and both teams are coached really well. No particular reason here as it will be a great close game I'm just going with my Dark Horse pick of the Playoffs. Lincoln Christian wins 13-12

~ Strategy

Bixby Blue 13
TYAA Blue 7

Fort gibson 7
Lincoln Christian 0

Congrats to both Teams for making the Finals.

Bixby Blue vs Fort Gibson

Should be a great game to watch.

Fort Gibson is nice but I been seen that Bixby was on a mission. #6 FortGibson is a complete stud and they have been top 5 for me all season but I think Bixby ready to put the icing on the cake Ball out and good luck to both teams


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