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Couldnít be more proud of a team. They have played with heart no matter the out come, no one can take anything away from these young men. They left everything on the field today. A great season at 9-2. Good luck to everyone.

Coach Tate bulldogs black:
Yall played good i hate that kids aren't allowed to play because he is  a pound over damn good season tho

Not a pound, he was 115.01 it was 1oz, this is why I donít like weight limits on making children not able to play or play up. I donít care if you have one for who can carry the ball. But to tell a child your to big to play in your grade isnít right. To make them move up to the next grade is just as unsafe. To make children go without eating just to make weight so they can play in their grade. But rules are rules.

Coach Tate bulldogs black:
Smh man I didn't know it was .1 wow an like u say telling a kid he can't play because he weigh to much is terrible especially .1 over an if I was the other coach I would have let him play let these kids have fun an play football

It wasnít up to us it was up to the rep for the infc they wouldnít let him. We felt bad that he couldnít play!


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