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Final 4.... it's been a great season but only 4 teams remain

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Coach Tate bulldogs black:
Tyaa black vs Union Silver @6:15

Choctaw white vs Seqouyah @7:15

It sucks to see that the top 4 teams are not in the final 4. Tyaa Black and Union Silver are true semi finals teams. That bottom side of the bracket was incredibly weak (other than a couple decent teams). Some teams are in the semifinals due to a very lopsided draw. No1 from the bottom side of the bracket will beat Tyaa Black or Union Silver. But thats the joy of a random draw. If Sequoyah Blue and Choctaw had to go through that other side of the bracket, they would be lucky to get out of the 2nd round. Just my opinion but I would find it hard to find someone who would disagree with this statement. Congrats to all teams, this is a race for 2nd place though

Coach Starkey:
I hope I am ready this wrong,  but are you saying that tyaa black or my union silver is playing for 2nd place??

The top bracket was WAY harder than the bottom bracket only one or two decent teams on the bottom bracket definitely wasn’t a good draw this year at all! Top bracket will be the champs for sure

Coach Tate bulldogs black:
Who is the number 1 team on the bracket that will beat us??? An if they the number one team on the bottom bracket why aren't they in the semifinals??


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