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Championship game


Coach Tate bulldogs black:
Tyaa black 12
Sequoyah blue 6

Sequoyah blue came ready to play #6 #22 #15 #7 are all some dogs an there coaches came with a great game plan them boys was ready to play today  Sequoyah yall played a great game.. gave us our toughest game all season an this was a good season an I can't wait until 11 man there will be a lot of good teams in this grade


Coach w:
I appreciate it coach! As always heck of a game! #3 #1 balled out y’all never quit fitting love that about your team! Glad we got to see each other in the finals much respect for you coach Tate and what you do for those boys! Looking forward to next year as well! Great way to end a season!


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