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Man have I missed football.

What a fun year last year was. This grade is FULL of talent. Now itís time for some 2nd grade football baby.
I canít wait for practices to start 

Letís hear where everyone is from and how many teams yíall will have.
Iíll go first.

Claremore Zebras (looks like we will be having 2 teams this year)

Muskogee coach here weíll be having one team this year

Bixby Coach here. Looks like will have two teams as well this season. Cant wait to get this season kicked off!

 CZebra is Claremore going to keep the returning team together and have one team will all new players or are you guys gonna mix it up a little?

@spartaÖ we will have to mix it up with the new kids. Which is unfortunate for the kids that played with us last season. Thatís why I have a lot of respect for teams that make it to the championship because the next season can completely change it all. But we will do our best to compete with the big boys this year

Coach Mayfield with the Yukon Millers here! Going into my 16th season with the youth. Coming down from one of the playoff teams in 6th grade last season. Originally from Skiatook, OK i moved here 3 years ago. I will not have a kid on this team this season. Focus will be at max level. We will have one 2nd grade team this season. Flag football is a huge thing here in Yukon/Mustang area hoping to change that soon. Yukon has only been with the INFC for 3 years now, so tackle football is just gaining traction. Looking forward to some fresh new talent/athletes. Who are the teams to watch, mainly in the West?


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