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2016 Muskogee River Rumble
« on: November 20, 2016, 07:24:44 pm »
I want to thank the coordinators for a great tournament. The bracket was filled with some great teams with great coaches. It was a fun, action packed tournament with some great games played through the whole bracket. I don't believe there was one blowout. The games were all close, hard hitting, championship caliber type of games in a great atmosphere.

 BA Tigers, thank you for the greatest game I have ever had the honor of coaching in. 2 BA teams going toe to toe in a defensive battle that came down to 2 yards in OT with zero TD's allowed. That is a very, very solid team with outstanding coaches that I have great respect for. It was a privilege to meet and get to know you guys. It is too bad somebody had to be declared a winner. Your kids have nothing to be ashamed of. The trophy was given to us but, as far as I'm concerned, it belongs to all of us. WE ARE BA!!!

I can't leave without giving props to my kids of the Oklahoma BAndits. Another all BA team with 2 outstanding players from S. Tulsa who come together, put in the hard work, and got to experience the results of that hard work. Hard work pays off BAndits!!! Congratulations!!! The first team in the history of the Rumble to lose the first game only to fight their way through the bracket against some very tough and well coached teams to win the Championship at any grade. I am sooooo proud of them. They deserve to be where they are.

Oklahoma BAndits, the 2016 Muskogee River Rumble Champions. I love everyone of you!!!!!

BA is for real!!! Strap up and hold on. This group of kids as a whole in second grade is going to dominate! Plenty of great coaches will have something to say about that as they should. BA stands ready to accept the challenge and make a run for Championships. I'm just wondering how many. I know this Wolf is going to work his tail off to make it a reality no matter what team I'm on. GO BA!!!!
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Rumble Champions Oklahoma BAndits 2016

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Re: 2016 Muskogee River Rumble
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2016, 09:13:24 pm »
Thank you BA Silverwolf! Congrats on an exciting Rumble win!
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Pryor HC

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Re: 2016 Muskogee River Rumble
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2016, 06:07:54 pm »
The rumble had very good teams, we were only truly challenged once this year, by claremore!
This was a chance to see if our team had grown or not, we showed up with 10 players, they played their hearts out and shocked many folks!
Saturday was a tough day for those boys, 3 games in one day playing iron man, was all they could handle, very proud of them!
This was our playoff being we weren't allowed to go and tip our hat in the INFC tourney, which they made it to semi finals, so proud!!
They did great against some very good teams, we gave them all they wanted!
Both BA teams were tough, very deserving for a hard fought championship game!

Hoping these boys get a little more next year, after showing they are capable of competing with anyone!

They finished the year 11-2, went 11-0 before being beat back to back by BA teams!

Congratulations Bandits!
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