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Week 5 pickem.!!!
« on: September 28, 2020, 03:36:21 pm »
It's that time of week again folks.

Ba Gold vs YELLOWJACKETS- Ba Gold has gotten off to a slow start. Yellowjackets won't let them be the team they figure things out on
TYAA WHITE vs Collinsville Red- Looks like Tyaa White figured things out and had a nice showing last Saturday. White Dawgs win big
SEQUOYAH vs Catoosa- GOTW- I think this will be a great game. Those big lineman for Sequoyah will be tough to deal with. I got Sequoyah 6-0
MUSKOGEE vs Verdigris- Hate going against my boys from down the road, But Muskogee is damn good. Muskogee wins by 14
HILLDALE RED vs Coweta White- Another cake walk for the hornets
Glenpool vs BIXBY- Bixby keeps rolling
FORT GIBSON vs Wagoner- Don't know much about wagoner other than the fact that they haven't scored this year. Tigers win
SAPULPA vs Jenks- Sapulpa tied a pretty good Tyaa Black team. I think they win by 12 in this one
Ba Black vs SAND SPRINGS- I thought BA would have gotten off to a better start but they can't seem to get it together. Going with S.S
Bartlesville vs LINCOLN CHRISTIAN- Good win over a good Skiatook team. LC
TYAA BLACK vs Collinsville White - Tyaa black should have their way in this game
HILLDALE BLACK vs Coweta Black- Neither team has scored this year. Hilldale held verdigris to 13 points, so i'll ride with Hilldale in this.
Skiatook vs CLAREMORE- Can't go against my own. We keep getting better, I'm just waiting for that game where we just fall apart lol. Hopefully it doesn't happen. Go Zebras
TYAA RED vs Union- This seems to be a great game on paper. Union seems to be rolling after their loss to Verdigris. Red might be a little much though.

TYAA BLUE have another bye week?????

Don't get butt hurt by my picks. It's all fun and games. I'm just trying to keep this grade alive. Lets see your picks
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Re: Week 5 pickem.!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2020, 12:25:53 am »
Ba Gold vs YELLOWJACKETS- Yellowjackets

TYAA WHITE vs Collinsville Red- TYAA White

SEQUOYAH vs Catoosa- Sequoyah

MUSKOGEE vs Verdigris- GOTW!!  If Verdigris front can disrupt the handoff enough and contain Muskogees RB and keep him from getting outside then they have a good chance to pull off the W. Iíve seen both teams in person think this will be good game but Muskogees D and O line are big and physical so Iím gonna go with Muskogee here.

HILLDALE RED vs Coweta White- Hilldale Red

Glenpool vs BIXBY- Bixby big!

FORT GIBSON vs Wagoner- Ft Gibson. Looks like a solid team with some losses to really good teams.

SAPULPA vs Jenks- Sapulpa

Ba Black  bs Sands Springs -  Sands Springs in low scoring game

Bartlesville vs LINCOLN CHRISTIAN- Lincoln Christian

TYAA BLACK vs Collinsville White - TYAA Black

HILLDALE BLACK vs Coweta Black- Hilldale Black

Skiatook vs CLAREMORE- Should be another good game to see how good Claremore is. Seems like this division is pretty stacked. Iím gonna roll with the Zebras on this one!

TYAA RED vs Union- This seems to be a great game on paper. Union is a solid team but seeing TYAA Ref againts Muskogee... both teams have some big hard hitting kids. Iím gonna go with TYAA Red!


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Re: Week 5 pickem.!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2020, 08:45:37 am »

TYAA WHITE vs Collinsville Red

SEQUOYAH vs Catoosa

Muskogee vs VERDIGRIS - GOTW  Big game for both teams.  I am excited to see how it plays out and I know both teams will be looking for this W. I have to go with my boys on this one, but I know we will have to fight all game to pull it off.

HILLDALE RED vs Coweta White - HD Red O will be too much. 

Glenpool vs BIXBY- Bixby will continue to roll.

FORT GIBSON vs Wagoner

SAPULPA vs Jenks

Ba Black  vs SAND SPRINGS 


TYAA BLACK vs Collinsville White

HILLDALE BLACK vs Coweta Black

Skiatook vs CLAREMORE - If it was not for last week I would have thought that this would be a close game this week.  Curious to see how Skiatook will respond this week but Claremore will still be too much.

Tyaa Red vs UNION-  This is definitely the 2nd biggest GOTW.  I think Union will pull away with the W in a close one.


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Re: Week 5 pickem.!!!
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2020, 09:12:33 am »
Ba gold vs. Yellowjackets-

Collinsville red vs. Tyaa white

Catoosa vs. Sequoyah- they will get back to work this week in practice and come out with the win this week

Verdigris vs. Muskogee- GOTW#1 if verdigris can stop that running back from doing whatever he wants then they will have a really good chance. i might regret this pick come saturday. verdigris is a very, very solid team

Coweta white vs. Hilldale red- hilldale red will score alot of points again this week

Glenpool vs. Bixby

Wagoner vs. Ft. Gibson- do not know much about either team. going off the scores they both had against union.

Jenks vs. Sapulpa

Ba black vs. Sand springs

Bartlesville vs. Lincoln Christian

Collinsville white vs. Tyaa black

Skiatook vs. Claremore- man, another great matchup for us. they were one of the teams i was scratching my head about this past weekend. but like coach tate said, they are still only 5/6 year olds and you never know what you will get from them. they will get things figured out and come at us with everthing they have.

Union vs. Tyaa red- GOTW#2 this is one i wish i can go out to watch. anytime you play the bulldogs its a tough matchup. they will come out ready to play and pull out the win. although, union is a team that has been slept on for a while. they lost by 1 to a verdigris team that could have probably went either way.

Lets get after it fellas. Good luck to everyone this week.
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Re: Week 5 pickem.!!!
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2020, 09:33:26 am »
BA Gold vs yellow jackets -🐝
TYaa white vs Collinsville Red- TYaa white wins by 14
Verdigris vs Muskogee GOTW -I havenít seen verdigris But they are 4-0 but personally I donít think they have played anybody in the division other then union, but I played against Muskogee and I know what they have up front and in the backfield with the fastest kid in the grade in my opinion so Iím going with the roughers by 14
Hilldale Red vs Coweta white- Hilldale Keeps busting the clock
Glenpool vs Bixby- bixby by alot
Fort Gibson vs wagoner- Fort Gibson gets the W
Sapulpa vs Jenks -coin toss but Iíll say Sapulpa
BA Black vs Sand springs - sandites
Bartlesville vs Lincoln Christian- Going with the bulldogs
TYaa Black vs Collinsville white- TYaa black bounces back
Hilldale Black Vs Coweta black -tigers  by 6
Skiatook vs Claremore - Claremore by18
TYaa Red vs Union GOTW - going with the Red 🐶
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Re: Week 5 pickem.!!!
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2020, 02:15:48 pm »
Yellow jackets
Tyaa white
Hilldale Red
Fort Gibson
Sand springs
Lincoln Christian
Tyaa black
Hilldale black
Tyaa red
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