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Week 4 pickem.!!!
« on: September 21, 2020, 10:47:47 am »
This year is flying by. There were some great games last week.

Lincoln Christian vs SKIATOOK- Coming off a tough loss. They will bounce back here and prove to be the big dawg in this fight. (see what I did there, they are both bulldogs hahaha)

VERDIGRIS vs Wagoner- Verdigris keeps getting better and better. Although I do think they have had a cake walk to start the season. They will win again and stay undefeated.

YELLOWJACKETS vs Hilldale Black- Hilldale black hasn't scored this year and I don't think they score this weekend either. I watched Yellowjackets play Tyaa red this weekend. They got some big boys and some kids who can run. Yellowjackets win big

BIXBY vs Ba Black- I think this will be a decent game. Ba Black looked good in scrimmages, but haven't seen them play since. Bixby will be too much

CLAREMORE VS Sequoyah- GOTW- Man I've been dreading this week. Not to play them but because on of my good buddies is the head coach and I hate that someone has to lose lol. We have scrimmaged these boys a lot so we both know each other very well. They are very very tough. But these are my boys and I cant pick against them. CLAREMORE

MUSKOGEE vs Ba Gold- Muskogee wins big here

Catoosa vs TYAA WHITE- Their running back is legit. If he gets outside, he's gone. TYAA wins

Coweta Black vs TYAA RED- I watched Red play last weekend. Those boys can run. TYAA RED

TYAA BLUE vs Bartlesville- HogsNdawgs are the real deal. They shutout a really good Skiatook team. Blue Dawgs roll easy in this one

Jenks vs HILLDALE RED- Hilldale continues to prove how good they are. Beat a good Tyaa black team. Jenks wont have an answer for their offense. HILLDALE RED

COWETA WHITE vs Glenpool- I think this will end up being a great game. I would have went with Glenpool but after not being able to score on Jenks, that changed my mind. I'm going with COWETA WHITE

TYAA BLACK vs Sapulpa- Tyaa Black is coming off a tough loss. From the looks of it, it seemed like a great game. Tyaa will take their anger out on Sapulpa. TYAA BLACK gets the dub

UNION vs Fort Gibson- Union gave verdigris all they could handle. I predict this will come down to the wire. I think Union pulls it out though

Collinsville White vs SAND SPRINGS- Collinsville still hasn't scored this year so its hard to pick them. Sand springs will get their second win of the year. SAND SPRINGS.

Don't get butt hurt if I picked against you. A few teams I have no idea how good they are. Lets see who you got. I'm off to start game planning for Sequoyah lol.    EPO
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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2020, 12:38:32 pm »
Good picks!
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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2020, 12:06:13 pm »
Super quiet this week so far
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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2020, 01:34:36 pm »
LC vs Skiatook-havnít seen or heard anything about LC so Iím going with Skiatook
Verdigris vs wagoner -donít know much about either so Iíll just go with Verdigris cause of the undefeated record.
🐝 vs Hilldale Black- 🐝 too big and fast
Bixby vs BA Black -The Spartans keep rolling
🦓 vs Sequoyah- Iím taking Claremore by 14
Muskogee vs BA Gold- roughers by a lot
Catoosa vs TYaa White- Bulldogs by20
Coweta Black vs TYaa Red- should be a good game but those red dogs are on a mission! Go red
TYAA Blue vs Bartlesville-BlueDogs win big
Jenks vs Hilldale Red- donít know anything about Jenks or Hilldale red blue I heard Hilldales offense is unstoppable 👁👀 we shall see soon! Hilldale by 20
Coweta white vs Glenpool- your guess is a good as mine 🤷🏿‍♂️
TYaa Black vs Sapulpa-Going with the black dogs
Union vs fort Gibson -union should win but 🤷🏿‍♂️
Collinsville vs sand springs -sandites by 20

Just trying to keep 1st grade interesting! Letís see you other coaches picks
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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2020, 02:59:17 pm »
Great picks Red Dogs1

Collinsville white vs. Sand springs

Union vs. Ft. Gibson

Sapulpa vs. Tyaa Black

Glenpool vs. Coweta white

Jenks vs. Hilldale red

Bartlesville vs. Tyaa blue

Coweta black vs. Tyaa red

Catoosa vs. Tyaa white

Ba gold vs. Muskogee

Sequoyah vs. Claremore

Ba black vs. Bixby

Hilldale black vs. Yellowjackets

Wagoner vs. Verdigris

Lincoln Christian vs. Skiatook

I feel like there are alot of lopsided games this weekend. there are a few good games coming up that i am ready for. ready to see if our zebras can hang with a tough sequoyah team. Either way it will be a fun and competitive ball game.


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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2020, 05:21:05 pm »
LC vs Skiatook - Skiatook takes this one easily

Verdigris vs wagoner -Verdigris...we are looking to continue to compete.

Yellowjackets vs Hilldale Black- Yellowjackets

Bixby vs BA Black -Bixby will stay perfect

Claremore vs Sequoyah- Claremore all the way

Muskogee vs BA Gold- Muskogee takes this one

Catoosa vs TYaa White- TYAA White

Coweta Black vs TYaa Red- TYAA Red

TYAA Blue vs Bartlesville- TYAA Blue to stay at #1

Jenks vs Hilldale Red- Hilldale Red continues domination

Coweta white vs Glenpool- Coweta White gets the W

TYaa Black vs Sapulpa-TYAA Black

Union vs fort Gibson -Union wins this one. They have a great team that will continue to compete every week.

Collinsville vs sand springs - Sand Springs
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Re: Week 4 pickem.!!!
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2020, 12:40:34 pm »
Collinsville white vs. Sand springs  - Sands Springs

Union vs. Ft. Gibson- Union Close game.

Sapulpa vs. Tyaa Black - TYAA Black -BIG!!!

Glenpool vs. Coweta white - Havent seen either team so guessing Glenpool

Jenks vs. Hilldale red - Hilldale Red

Bartlesville vs. Tyaa blue-  TYAA Blue

Coweta black vs. Tyaa red-  TYAA Red

Catoosa vs. Tyaa white  - TYAA white wins and bounces back.

Ba gold vs. Muskogee - Muskogee Big!!

Sequoyah vs. Claremore-  Claremore. Havenít seen either team but think the Claremore coach may downplay his team some after what they did last week. Sounds like a good team.

Ba black vs. Bixby-  Bixby Big!

Hilldale black vs. Yellowjackets. -  Going with upset. Hilldale Black

Wagoner vs. Verdigris-  Verdigris. We scrimmaged. Tough D Line. Good team.

Lincoln Christian vs. Skiatook-  Going off what Iíve read Iím gonna say Skiatook but I thinks itís a close game. We scrimmaged Lincoln Christian. Had some players.
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