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Top 10 after week 8
« on: October 26, 2020, 03:48:43 pm »
Only a few more of these to do. Lets finish strong

#1. Tyaa Blue- Until they lose, I'm not putting them anywhere else

#2. Muskogee- As long as #23 is healthy, they have a chance to beat anyone

#3. Tyaa Red- Hottest team in the grade.

#4. Bixby- GREAT TEAM. Not putting up the point I anticipated they would, but they haven't lost yet. Believe me, ain't no one sleeping on those spartans =)

#5. Hilldale Red- They guys can score a lot of points

#6. Sequoyah-  Scrappy bunch of kids. They seem to be getting hott at the right time. Go Eagles
#7. Lincoln Christian- They have the best corners in the league. The played the #1 team closer than anyone has.

#8. Union- Yes I know verdigris beat these guys head to head. But they only lost to red by 2 td's. Too bad their game against Muskogee got cancelled.

#9. Verdigris- They have struggled here lately. COVID SUCKS.. These boys just wanna play. Hopefully they play red better when they get back to full strength.

#10. Claremore Zebras =) Man a bye week this week is gonna be nice. It's been a long, tough year for my boys. Hopefully we can sharpen up for the playoffs.

Lets see your top 10. Only a couple weeks left of football
Claremore 🦓 2nd grade head coach

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