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Colton Johnson:
Just wondering what is out there, I am putting a team together for Sooner Classic. I am just wondering who all is interested and if we will have enough teams to make a 1st grade division.

Colton Johnson:
Sure is a lively bunch in first grade this year.. Nobody out of this giant first grade division wants some post season action right before thanksgiving and some cold weather fun?!

A first year coach, with a first year team, whatís the sooner classic?

Colton Johnson:
Coach J Sooner Classic is a competitive 3 day tournament after the INFC Championship. Find me on Facebook my name is Colton Johnson and PM me Iíll give you any and all info.
 Iím Claremore Black Head Coach.

Man Ive had my fun with the sooner classic. Itís an awesome weekend put on by some great folks, but Iíll switching gears to basketball at that time.


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